Question regarding Windows Update..


Situation is this, I have an Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT (256mb) PCI-E gpu in my pc. I have clean installed Windows 7 RC (downloaded from Microsoft) and installed all the "Important Updates". Under Optional Updates there is one for my video card ("Geforce 8500GT WDDM 1.1" or something like that). I have already installed the 185.85 Driver. What I want to know is do I also have to install the driver that is in Windows Update or is the Nvidia all that is needed? Will there be any performance difference if I do install it? Or will the drivers just conflict with each other?

Thanks in advance! :)


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The drivers will be replaced if you choose to install another driver

If it's working OK, I don't feel it necessary to bother with a new driver.

Agreed, both the 185.85 driver you downloaded from Nvidia and the one you see in Windows Update are essentially the same thing.. ;) The one from nVidia is of much better quality though and in comparison will perform 70-80% better then the generic MS one you see in Windows Updates.. :)

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