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Wow I am impressed Gary, I have never heard of this and I have been using Macrium for about 4 years now. I have to look now and see if Acronis has this same option, again I have never heard of it.
>>>Hi Rich; I hadn't heard about it either and I've been using Macrium for about 3 years. Gary brought it to our attention a couple of weeks ago, and it works GREAT!! Kudos on finding that option, Gary!! Well done.
It works good, and in fact, after doing some testing with W7 & W10, I've now put it on about 3 customer computers. Today, in fact I delivered a W7 laptop to a customer with the Macrium Boot Menu. Showed my customer, a young guy, how it worked; and he loved the idea!:fdance: In fact, I used the Macrium to restore the original backup image file onto a new SSD drive I put into the laptop to speed it up. It's very cool, because on the B&W bootmenu, I think you get a 15 sec. countdown, that if the User doesn't use the mouse or cursor to select the Macrium Recovery option, the machine automatically logins into whichever version of Windows is installed (W7 in this customer's case). So, if the User does nothing on this menu, they just lose a few seconds on the bootmenu being displayed and it's on it's way into the Windows login screen or desktop. Anyway, give it a try--very cool option! :up: It's nice to have for convertible laptops/tablets and more and more of those aren't coming with DVD drives as you know.<<<


Hey BBJ! Here's another tip for W10 to get you into safe mode! Give it a look. I like being able to get into safe mode! I think I got it right!;)
Type — or copy and paste — the following into the Command Prompt window and press the [Return] key:

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

You should now be able to enter Safe Mode when restarting Windows 10 by pressing [F8].
To change it back change legacy to standard


this is very easy to do for safe mode

they are many ways to boot in safe mode in windows 10


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Doesn't work on Windows 7 but you did say Windows 10 was that an "only" Windows 10?
"Element not found", The element type is not recognized" etc.....

sorry rich is that question directed to me or someone else ?


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To Gary.


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Ok I will try that later when I move to Win 10 pc.


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Rich said:
I have to look now and see if Acronis has this same option, again I have never heard of it.
Acronis has always had a boot menu option. (F11)
(I told you about it many years ago at KH.)


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True "Startup Recovery Manager" I just noticed it.

William B

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I was using it back in 2004-2008 in Acronis indeed the f11 option has been there for a very long time. Although Marium now offers the better software.

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