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Right, I'm saying I have Macrium and ToDo installed and created an image using both programs. If the rescue disc didn't work for either, could I still re-install Windows and then re-image the drive with the image I previously created with the programs?
Hi Texas! The reply by @RichM Is right on the money. The rescue disc is Linux based and what I call a live disc. It allows you to boot into Macrium if for some reason your PC won't boot into windows. I don't see why you would want to re-install a fresh copy of windows and then restore a Macrium image, but yes you could! Like @RichM suggests. After installing a fresh copy of windows from what ever media you have, then you could copy and paste or drag and drop from the image. If you take a look at my thread about Macrium, you will see where I mounted a image as a virtual drive. Then I can copy and paste or drag and drop. I prefer the copy and paste. Some times I drop some thing where I don't want it.:rofl:Here's link from HTG that will show you how to mount a image and recover data from it! I hope this answers your question. The simple answer is YES! With all the added confusion, I hope I have cleared this up for you!;) You will be glad you spent the time to learn Macrium and ToDo.:up::worship:
How to Mount a Macrium Reflect Backup Image to Retrieve Files

You can use Macrium to restore a image on a brand new Hard Drive you just took out of the box, but you need the rescue disc to boot into windows. My advice is buy a USB CD/DVD drive. Have you even looked at my suggestion to add recovery boot menu option.
If you do that you won't need the disc to boot into Macrium, only if you can't boot into windows. That's why you need the rescue disc.
Before Macrium's last up date, you had to use the disc to boot into Macrium and restore a image. Now you can Add recovery boot menu option.
Here you go! This explains restoring a Macrium Image.
Restoring a system image - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase

Hey Holdum, yes, I saw your post about adding the recovery boot menu option. I haven't had time to attempt it yet, but I really like the idea!

Your previous post told me to choose the "No Menu" option, so I was a little confused.

I know you are a fan of Macrium, but does ToDo have the same option?


Hi Texas! You are getting way to much information here!;) The bottom line is Macrium has a very good Wizard that will help you use the program. We need to concentrate on one thing and when we understand that one thing, then we can move on to other things.
IMHO If you don't have a CD/DVD drive, you need to get a USB CD/DVD drive. Even if you add recovery boot menu option you may need access to Macrium with the rescue media. Team work is great and I love it, but IMHO we are loading Texas with to much information all at once.
Rome wasn't built in a day and it takes time to learn these imaging programs!;):)
Just my thoughts!

Hi Texas! Sorry about the No menu and the confusion. You would use that if you don't want to use the add recovery boot menu option.
That's my bad! I don't have a clue why I said No Menu. You would want the Windows PE 10 menu. I prefer the recovery boot menu option. I don't have to dig out my rescue disc, but as I have stated you should create one and think about getting a USB CD/DVD drive.
Sorry I have no knowledge of ToDo! I love my Macrium. IMHO you would be better with just one image program. Which ever you think would be the best for you. Having two would just confuse me. If you have any questions, I'll be hanging around most of the day and checking the forum.
I have attached some good links above that should clear up a lot of your questions. This is not a easy thing to learn, but there will be a day when you will be very happy you learned these things!;):bee:
Just a old Okie from Oklahoma trying to help my neighbor!
Once you get the hang of this neighbor, you will be fearless!:rofl::partay:

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Its really easy. As long as the program is installed double click the image file and then right click copy, right click paste is all you do.

Its really easy. As long as the program is installed double click the image file and then right click copy, right click paste is all you do.
Hi @RichM! I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Are you talking about using the Browse feature.
I'm thinking we are confusing Texas and maybe just answer his questions.;):)


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Hi Guys,

What are the implications of not having an Emergency Disc/Rescue Media for Macrium and ToDo?

One of my laptops doesn't have a cd drive, and when I try to put the Emergency Disc/Rescue Media on the external drive, I am told it can't do that because there is no partition.

As long as I have the image, I can re-image the drive even I have to do a factory install first, right?

Hi, you can make the boot disk on a USB drive, just be sure that your computer is set up in the bios so that it will look for a USB drive to boot to, at least that's true in TODO backup, but I'd guess the others as well.

The fact that there is so much discussion about how to use Macrium is why I use TODO. LOL

Hi @MikeHawthorne Good reply my friend. Yes you can make a USB rescue boot disc with Macrium, but make sure you can boot to one in the BIOS first like you said;):worship:


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Gary my explanation is simple, how to read an image file. As long as the program that made it is installed on the same system it is as simple as opening it and copying out what you need.

you can use this software free
AOMEI Backupper to explore your image file
this video will show you how


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I agree with Gary there too because using a usb flash drive as a boot disk is a bit flukey and I have seen it be very difficult even when the board accepts booting to a usb device.


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If you take these guys advice and decide to get you a USB Optical drive, do yourself a favor.. get a BluRay one so you can burn 25GB Backup Disks in the future ;)

Hi @RichM ! Ok You browse a image the way I explained it. Macrium asigns it a drive letter. Where there you can open the drive then copy and paste. "It's as simple as that", if you know Macrium, but this is all new to Texas and IMHO all these replies are confusing him.
"How to read an image file" is confusing to me and I've been using Macrium for nearly 12 years.
You browse a image. It's signed a drive letter and then copy and paste or drag and drop;):)
Texas will learn these things. It just takes time!

Hey @Josephur great advice my friend. Do you have a link for Texas??;):worship:


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Good thought josepher

I have provided him a link with the video that he can follow step-by-step very simple and does not need to learn anything after all they're all good advising the room

HI @Sandbox Everyone here on the forum has their favorite image program. I'm sure Texas watched your video.
Lets wait and answer questions that Texas has for us and not confuse him further.;):)
Texas will choose witch image program is right for him!! Then we can answer his questions!:D


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Gary is right we do have to be careful because there is a lot of good stuff in this post but we do run the risk of over running the user with too much thought.

It's ok guys...I appreciate all the help. I have already downloaded Macrium and ToDo on all my computers and made images for all of them. I was thinking about Backupper too, but I will hold off for now with these two. Thanks again!

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