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If I understand, on your attachment, the HD Audio Device is not there currently, but the HD device with the Yellow exclamation mark is?

It seems you have had problems about a sound device not installing correctly, as per your comments about Windows attempting to add a driver. If you right click the yellow mark and select update drivers, does anything happen? It might be good to get the basic driver straightened out prior to reinstalling the Realtek drivers.

As you can see from Trouble's attachment, a video card can cause some sound devices to be installed. Nvidia will install HD sound drivers if you have a video card that uses them.

On one of my systems with onboard Intel Video and Audio, I have an Intel Display audio device in the Sound section which you saw in an earlier attachment. But the Graphics driver and audio driver are on the referenced site. If you have both versions loaded on your system, it should have all the audio drivers it needs.

When I install a new system, I will always load the chipset drivers probably already have those.

Hmmmm....lets discuss about the current situation..its too much hassle if talking about previous facts.So yesterday Ive unistalled and install my realtek driver..again.At the time prior to uninstalling I had besides realtek the HD audio device and most recently a driver from my webcam( I bought these days a web cam).When I uninstalled Realtek from control panel I remained with no audio playback device so I guess I dint had any driver left too.This is weird cause I should remined with that HD audio device at least and still be able to play audio.And how I ve reported winows tried to instlla this but Ive got that warming about unsuccessfull installation.So I guess this HD is an issue. After installing realtek again however the hd appeared in my sound devices but I doubt its working properly even doesnt have the warning sign .

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And how I've reported Windows tried to install this but I've got that warming about unsuccessful installation. So I guess this HD is an issue.
You have mentioned Windows is failing to install some device, but I don't see you trying to find out why.

Trouble showed you how to get the information about a device that we could use to make sure exactly what device it is. For instance, my Intel(R) Display Audio device is showing the following for Hardware IDs:


From such information, we might be able to track down what your device is. We seem to have the same sound and video devices on our Motherboards. So yours should look like mine. The Intel Display Audio and the Realtek High Definition Audio should show in Device Manager. I am not sure what the Intel Display Audio does, but it might be for the HDMI output. I did have this system connected to a TV with an HDMI input. If you show an unknown device, we can still use the info, so go to the properties of any yellow marked device listing and under the Details Tab, select Hardware IDs and it will give you a listing as in the attachment.


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