i keep getting this box popping up on my windows 7 every time i click a link from either yahoo or even just a link within windows any where i have attached the box that pops up can someone help me this is really aggrivating thank you God Bless


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I take it you installed the usual suspects such as flashplayer etc

im sure i have some time or another .all i know is it's very aggrivating


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What kind of links are you talking about?
If they are links to video or text file, or something like that you need to tell Windows what program you want to open it for example Windows Media Player, or Microsoft Word.

If they are just links to files that's a different matter.

Give us an example, i.e. I clicked on a link to an .avi file or a .txt file and the message popped up.

The message sounds like you don't have the correct software installed to complete some kind of process, but we need to know what the process is.

If you are talking about links to web pages that's a different issue, and could involve some kind of malware intercepting the addresses.


okay seems the most part when i have yahoo open mostly i can click on like view profiles and i get that box clicking on any link was having issues but thats seems to have fixed it self now when i clikc on yahoo view profile i get that or sometimes a name it pops up does that make sense i re installed yahoo but it still does it ty you mike


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What browser are you using?

If it is Internet Explorer, try downloading and running Google Chrome and see it the problem still persists.
I doesn't sound like Malware since it is pretty specific, but it may be some problem with IE.

Download and install Google Chrome : Install or update Google Chrome - Google Chrome Help

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