RealPlayer (RealTimes) issues

Can anybody help me? I am running Windows 8.1 on an Acer Aspire E15.

I downloaded RealPlayer (now called RealTimes) from the Real website so that I can use their RealDownloader to download videos from various websites, including TouTube. It's supposed to work on all browsers - I use Firefox (most of the time) and Chrome, and I never had any problems with RealDownloader on XP previously. However, the 'Download this video now' button doesn't appear all the time (even when the videos are downloadable) and not at all after I restart the laptop. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, (several times!!) run Revo Uninstaller to get rid of all traces before reinstalling, gone onto forums, websites and anything else you can mention, to try and rectify the fault, but just have no luck. The RealDownloader add-ons and extensions appear in the web browser settings, and I can log into RealTimes for anything else, I just can't get the download button to appear.

Anyone else had the same problem, and how the hell did you sort it out?


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I don't have this problem, but I don't run Win8/8.1 everyday; mostly in run Vista, Win7, or Win10. I do use Real Player (haven't seen that name change you mention) frequently. You could have a software problem or a hardware problem; there are a few things to try to narrow it down. Or you can take your computer into your local repair shop and pay them to figure it out.

Here's some things you can try:
Scan your computer for new viruses or spyware. Use your built-in anti-virus or download Malwarebytes free from
#2: Try downloading the Win8.1 compatible RealPlayer onto another computer you or a friend has, and see if you get the same result. If it works on the other computer, you still have something wrong with YOUR computer.
#3: You could have a coincidental hardware failure; test your hard drive with free SEATOOLS drive diagnostic; if SEATOOLS reports any errors, your hard drive has failed and must be replaced.
#4: Same as #3, but test your RAM sticks with free MEMTEST diagnositc (Google to find it). Run a minimum of 8 passes which could take as long as 24 hrs. continuous to test. If MEMTEST returns any errors, replace any or all sticks with errors and retest until MEMTEST can complete all 8 passes without errors.
#5: Uninstall your 2 browsers 1 at a time; first Firefox, then Chrome. Reinstall one or the other and retest RealPlayer.

If you still have the problem, post back your results, and we can advise you further.

Best of luck,


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Fyi the software known as real downloader is owned by real networks and they have discontinued it…


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Interesting, I hadn't heard they folded the product.


Fyi the software known as real downloader is owned by real networks and they have discontinued it…
They haven't discontinued RealDownloader - they've discontinued RealPlayer and RealNetworks, and upgraded it into a package called RealTimes, which includes RealDownloader.

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