Realtek HD audio driver buzzing on windows 7 64

Today i have installed windows 7 on 64 bits and i just cannot get past this problem with the sound. I have a 5.1 surround audio system and have installed the latest Realtek HD audio driver on my pc to get all the speakers going.

After the installation of the driver every sound came with buzzing. The music, the clicking on folders, games, anything, every sound was buzzing, just like the static you get on radio, a blurred sound, if i may call it that way. This was the first thing to install on my PC after the Opera browser. I only have the standard High Definition Audio Driver from the windows, no other audio driver, so i don't think that anything can interfere with the Realtek driver.

Can anyone help please? I've seen this problem on the net but there was no exact answer. Why is Realtek software acting this way? I tried reinstalling or tried older versions, nothing helped.
Can anyone give any piece of advice?


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I get something like this on my M5A97 R2.0 board. I get static when I shutdown just before the power kicks out & when I put it to sleep. Changed driver's & everything but not found a solution.

But to your problem, I had something like that, buzzing in my speakers & it was poor cabling to & from my speakers. The supplied ones were too short so I ordered longer ones from ebay cheap as chips but what I came to realise is they didn't have shielding so they had electrical interference from anything that had electricity pumping through it near by.

If the above is not the issue, have you tried uninstalling the drivers from device manager & delete the drivers if option available. Reboot & let windows install the default drivers. If this has no effect then it's not a driver problem but a hardware issue. Have you checked for motherboard bios updates?

I am sorry to tell you this as the only solution for it from what i noticed is when you have a fresh version for Windows 7 any kind, try never ever update the sound card system from Windows update and that will help with it. As for the buzz as you will have to do the click on the second option of Mixer"System sound" will pop up a window with few options"recording" pick this one and will see few options down there. Pick the realtek by clicking double times on and will get an pop up windows as pick the "second option listen" if it is checked on it un check it and click "Apply" and will see no buzz while music going on or anything. Just a tip as recording after updating is not working and it is a shame but it will stop the echo when clear the "listen" and no more issues any more. Hoep this helps and take care there.

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