Reasons why you should love Windows 7 (even if you love XP just like i did)

Hi everybody out there.

I just really wanted to post this article/thread about why you should love Windows 7.

I'm born XP fan, and after Windows 7 came out, and i wanted a new PC, i was 100% sure i wanted Windows XP for everything, because XP is the OS i have had most best experience with (and very bad experience with Windows Vista :mad:).

But my brother told me i should try Windows 7 - just try it out for his sake - and so i did. I am SO happy i tried it out, because it is really a amazing OS. It's not only fast, but compatible, secure and less annoying than Vista or EVEN XP is.

I first got Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit on my brand new MM-Vision laptop (danish brand) and works perfectly, everything is just working 100% without problems, and compatible with every software. Nothing to complain about, as it is a brand new computer, and everything should just work.

Last week i got Windows 7 on my old Inspirion 1525 who also had Windows XP installed, and i was amazed that Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit worked perfectly on it. As i did in the "old" days when i needed to reinstall it (as i did a couple of times) i always had to remember to install a lot of network (Wireless/LAN), grapich and all kind of drivers. But amazingly Windows 7 did all this for me. I just popped the Windows 7 installation CD in, and after about 30-35 minutes the old drive(harddisk) was formated and filled with brand new Windows 7. I configured it easily just like Windows XP (even faster and more "pain"-less). It restarted and boom - i could surf around the internet already without installing any drivers from dell manually. I was even testing my webcam, and amazlingly the "Dell Webcam Manager" software popped up (and i have NO idea why or how it got it, because the Windows 7 i got was not from dell, and had nothing to do with it). So i reinstalled my Inspirion 1525 faster than i ever reinstalled a computer, without having to install boring drivers or so.

I also just 2 days ago reinstalled my Dell Studio with Windows Vista to Windows 7 - as perfect as on my Inspirion!

So here are some good reasons to love Windows 7 more than you'll probbaly love Windows XP.

  • It's more faster than Windows XP, it's not just something i say. Even you think the Aero design should take a lot of your CPU - well - it doesn't.
  • It automaticly installs your drivers (the most common at least, like network/LAN/etc) - which XP doesn't. Not to mention it takes around 30-40 minutes ONLY (or less) to reinstall it.
  • It's not as annoying as Windows Vista is with all the security and administrator privileges if you ever tried it out. You might have to allow a specific program to be runned as administrator (which is pretty understandable) but you only need to click once :cool:
  • It's as easy to understand as Windows XP is.
There's a lot of other articles about smart things you can do with Windows 7, so I'm not going to post it all here. But i could recommend this review: YouTube - Windows 7 Review.

I recommend Windows 7 for you, as i really ONLY experienced good things with this OS.

Remember, i was an incarnated Windows XP user, and could never dream about having anything else - but i took the chance and as i already told, i never regretted my choice. If you have to chance to choose Windows 7 then DO IT! XP will be outdated within a couple of years..

I will update the thread as i see fit.


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Thanks for your opinion on Win7 and I am glad you like it. I do too and will add that I never migrated to Vista because (1) XP worked great for me and (2) I did not feel Vista was mature enough. Win 7 changed that, and I like to say it is what Vista should have been.

But - love it or not, everyone should give up XP. XP was designed to support DOS era hardware and software during a time when security was not an issue. Windows 7 is designed to support today's hardware and software, AND most importantly, today's security environment. If there is no other reason, security alone is enough to move to Windows 7.

That said, Window 7 is for today's hardware, not yesterday's and most of the problems with Win7 are for those trying to get it to run on legacy hardware. Therefore, I recommend upgrading the whole system (or get a new computer), and not just the OS. At the very least, ensure you check your hardware first using Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.


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Great post!

Windows 7 is truly a fantastic OS.. In just about every way.. Sure, it has it's flaws, like any OS does but overall it is a gem.. :) Windows XP had it's time and that time has come to an end for most.. I still use it on a couple of my older PC's and in a dual boot configuration on one of my main PC's.. Though aged, it still gets the job done in most cases..

The support and patches are almost non existant but many should have seen this coming.. Windows XP's lifespan was extended a couple of times and that fact alone should have made people aware that the time for moving on was sooner rather then later.. ;) Even when ALL support is done for Windows XP, for most, it will still prove to be a useful OS at least for a while..

Windows Vista wasn't really that bad of an OS.. Many argue that it sucked because of various bugs and hardware incompatibility.. But really, what do ya expect when you try to run hardware that is 5+ years old to begin with.. True, Vista was plagued with a few more then usual bugs but it was also a whole new platform in the grand scheme of things.. So a few more then usual bugs were to be expected.. ;) At this point in time though, Windows Vista has proven itself a useful and generally nice OS in my opinion.. I also use it on a couple of my PC's, and it more then gets the job done..

Hmmm, maybe it's a good idea I got this nu rig, eh?

I just happened to remember that back in '05 or '06 (might of even been '07, sucks getting old, eh? lol) - that I read that XP wasn't going to be around much longer.



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I put XP x64 edition back on my old desktop after the RC stopped running. It really doesn't run as good as the W7 RC did. I rarely use the old desktop now. I don't like it any more.


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Hello everyone, I changed from XP(true love) to Windows 7 with new desktop in early 2010. In the beginning, I did not have good luck with Windows 7. I DO like it now but what an odyssey I have been on.

In the meantime, I have read up on the libraries but I still think Windows 7 is using extra hard-drive space storing information in more than one place. Sometimes it shows it is saving to a 3rd location and 4th location on my computer. How do I tell on my computer that it is not using more space for all these other locations? I want to thank everyone for all your good info and time spent to help us all out here. You guys absolutely ((((((ROCK))))))!!

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