Registry error, can not restore pc

I have a HP laptop from Costco that runs windows ten, on a 64bit amd processer. Recently I was editing the registry and instead of renaming my file (the file had to do with command prompt) I deleted it be mistake. I have a back up reg file but due to the error it did not load. I figured this was not a problem and was willing to restore the PC. I rebooted into recovery setup menu and tried a fix involving using command prompt to restore the reg file. This "completed successfully" but when the PC rebooted I was meet with the blue screen of death. OK fine now i need to back up the PC from the backup partition on my hard drive. After rebooting into the menu it said i needed to log in with an admin account. Then it told me i had none even though the account I used everyday had full admin. I can get to bios, and that is about it. I really just want to restore my reg file but if not i want to restore from my hard drive partition back up. RN the only option seems to boot a new hard drive with windows, boot my laptop from that external hard drive and then with that maybe get in to the PC? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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You can access Windows partitions (files and folders) by using a Linux live-DVD/USB.

From what you wrote I understand that you cannot boot into Safe Mode or am I wrong?