Reinstall Insider Build


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I have been a Windows Insider since very early in the program and am currently on build 17101. My installed Windows seems to have picked up a number of problems that I cannot get fixed:

1. Windows Mail is broken and I have tried various fixes provided by MS experts and it stays broken.
2. Cortana does not hear me. Again I have tried all the fixes provided by forum responses.
3. As of the latest build, I cannot change the notifications voice - it stays at Lisa.
4. Macrium Reflect can no longer wake computer from sleep.

As a result of these and other problems, I would like to both remain in the Insider program and to do a complete reinstall of the latest build of Windows 10. What is the most effective way to do this? Will I have to wait until an ISO of 17201 is available for download?


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K, hello. If you go to "All Settings ", there is a choice offered to you of resetting your OS. It is a bit circuitous but work your way through it and thou shall know happiness. Click Update and security, -> Recovery -> the choice would be for you at the middle of the screen, Go Back.