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Hello, can you help please, my reliability monitor is not working, it runs as per the schedule but does not produce any data, my problems started recently following a small corruption with the library docs, this corruption caused the R/monitor to run continuously, I rectified this error with a library scan, all is good there, I then ran the reliability reset batch file which reset the monitor back to zero. However when the monitor runs it does not produce the required files that live in the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\RAC folder under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\RAC\PublishedData and C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\RAC\StateData, these 2 folders are empty. I saved the original files however if I return the files to the 2 folders the reliability monitor does not access them. I have attached 2 x prints one of my RAC registry and RAC WMI.
I have also attached prints of my Task Scheduler Conditions, Settings and Triggers. I have searched high and low for a solution to fix this issue, I do not want to run a Windows refresh as I have numerous installed programs that I would have to reinstall. Hope you can help, please let me know if you require any further info, Many Thanks
Note: Do you think an update to 8.1 may fix this issue. We are due for release in Australia on the 17th Oct. Task Schedule Conditions.JPG Task Schedule Settings.JPG Task Schedule Triggers.JPG WMI.JPG RacRegistry.JPG Task Schedule Conditions.JPG Task Schedule Conditions.JPG Task Schedule Triggers.JPG WMI.JPG


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Do not count on updates fixing system files. If the files in question are not a portion of the update they may not be fixed.

I would open an elevated command prompt (Win + X) and type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes.

Also, if you know when the problem started, a System Restore may help. Choose a Restore Point before the problem occurred.

This also would be a great place to use a recent System Image to restore to a point before the problem started.

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