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Have a problem I hope somebody have a solution on. When I connect with Remote desktop to a different computer, and have usb printers shared which I will install on the remoted computer, I don't know which of the TS port I shall use. The last computer I tried this on, it has 76 TS port, so it was a huge work to find out the correct port for the usb-printer. Anybody know how to figured out which is the right ts-port to use??



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You should have to do anything special. Especially not actually install any printers on any remote computers.
In some cases you may have to install the driver on the remote printer.
Just open the printer interface (devices and printers) on the remote computer, select any printer (highlight) and from the menu bar select "Printer Server Properties", then the "Driver" tab and then the add button.
And make sure that the Local Resource tab on your remote desktop connection has the "Printers" checked.

That won't work for USB printers. Have tried many times, and the printer is not available. Have to install it and selected the port, and there is as I say many many ts-port to choose.


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Which OS?

WinXP, Win7, Win2003 server

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