reset I can not get

I can not figure out what it is made the computer with me.
windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1
What I know is what I did (come and my kids)
1.downloaded and ran the CCleaner
2. '' '' the CursorFX
evening the computer normally closed
the other day while trying to open .... see'' work'' configuration epifaneiss
opening screen I see completely different shortcuts were deleted as well as more Paula programs I do not work.
I'm going to reset and see (a) and NO (b) see Attach Files
and from start-devices-system tools and restore I can not go.
to delete certain programs see (c)
I hope to be understood and ask someone to voitheisi.

anyone ?


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Very difficult to find out about it, it's in Greece? There are tons of windows like that, plainly impossible to remember them all by sight. You need to install English in order to get proper answers.

The c tells that you need administrator rights, not really a problem with Windows 7, although a major hindrance. CCleaner should not be a problem. You could try a restoration point for Windows, a point just before you installed CCleaner.

But honestly, I don't really understand the problem --- do excuse me, won't you?

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