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I installed the operating system with the reinstalling disk which made it the primary basic OS.Looking in Computer when open, it showed 2 Hard Disk Drives, OS(C:) and Recovery (D:). When I start the computer the Recovery OS is used when started. Looking at OS(C), it shows my original OS. So it seems to me if I deleted the Recovery OS, my original OS will come on. I am not sure but my question is: How can I switch to OS(C) and delite the RecoveryOS.
The OS is Vista Home Premium 32 bit on a Dell Inspiron 1525 lap top.

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First order of the day would be to save your data. If you have a live Linux CD, use that. Else you can use this:

If your installation disc is no good, get another one. Here is how:

Sorry I could not get back to you sooner.I have installed the ReinstallerDVD which gave me an operating system, Recovery(D) in the hard drive which is used when I boot on the system. Now when I go to Start-Computer I see 2 operating systems as I said before. I cannot get to the othet OS, OS(C), which is the original OS. Seems to me that I have to modify the boot to access OS(C). Anyhow, how can switch the operating systems.


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Go to control panel, administrative tools, computer management, storage, disk management. You will probably see the recovery partition flagged as active boot. If so then right click on drive C, select active from the context menu, save and exit. Reboot.

I tried your suggestion but I have a safe mode status which I cannot remove no matter what I do.In doing your suggestion in safe mode I do not get the active boot. So it seems to me that I have to get out of safe mode first but I don't know how.Ufortunatelly this presents another frustrating problem. I do appreciate your response.
The OS is Vista,32bit.


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If you are in Safe Boot, try to uncheck the box in msconfig.


Thanks whs tremendously, I'm out of safe mode. Phew! Now I tried Pat's suggestion of getting to disk management, at this point it didn't show any recovery partition flagged as active boot. Did I do something wrong. The computer status opens with the OS repair selection


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Can you post a full picture of your disk management please.

I will as soon as I learn to send from my phone. To whom shall I send by email attachment. Meanwhile, in the main centralsection of Disk Management a statement display states "Unable to connect to Virtual Disk Service"


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No, post the picture here. And why by phone. Just click on "Upload File" on the bottom right of the posting window next to "Post Reply".

I will as soon as I connect to a network on my failed computer.The repair OS does not have any start folder content.Is there a simple process to access the network modem.


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Right click on the network icon in the task tray and go to the Network and Sharing center

In Network and Sharing Center I tried to change Network discovery to ON but it would not change from OFF.Is there a next step to enable the network adapter.
Now,since I cannot get to the internet, the Computer Management display in the center shows 4 programs, 2 of which are the original desired OS and installed repair install disk.Right clicking the repair disk OS gave a delete option. Should it br deleted?


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I am afraid I do not understand where you are looking. The "Computer Management" page looks like this. What are you looking at.


Yes, I got this far. In clicking Disk Management a display of 4 hard disk programs. Two minor which I am not familiar but the other 2 were the original OS and the repair reinstall disk OS which now controls the computer.Right Clicking the reinstall OS one highlighted choice is delete. I hesitate to delete because the computer may resort to the previous unusable state.Where should I go from here.


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I would not delete the recovery partition. It may come in handy. And some manufacturers (e.g. Dell) put the bootmgr into it. And that is vital. If you want to know for sure, post a picture of disk management.

I can't post the picture because my network adapter is disabled. Can't find the proper drive


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How can your network adaptor be disabled when you post. Are you posting from a phone.

No,I'm using another computer.


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Then put the snip on a stick or SD card and post it with the other computer.

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