Restore Point Creator!!!

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Hey BBJ! I deleted all my restore points and created a new one manually. Just had a look and it is the only restore point.
I will keep a eye on it and see if this issue has been fixed!


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Glad I saw this post as I just realized my System Restore was defaulted to off on my Windows 10 unit.. How stupid is that.
Not sure about third party software,to do this, should be sufficient that we know if we are installing a new program or making any real changes, make a restore point first. I remember when I would make an image file before installing any new programs.
Glad to see you active BBJ.

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I remember when I would make an image file before installing any new programs.
That's still the best why. Restore points don't always work for me and it has been my experience they seem to get corrupted easily.
Nothing beats a back up image with a 3rd party image program. I love my Macrium<3<3 Reflect!


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Well sometimes its the difference between using a sledge hammer vs a thumb tack to hang a notice on a bulletin board.
Using an image file to correct a poor setting you can't find can be a bit of overkill. I am not quite sure how a restore point gets corrupted?
Can you explain that? I have never seen a restore point on a properly functioning pc fail to fix minor problems, but that is my experience only,

A restore point can get corrupted just like any thing else. Can I explain that. No I can't. If you know how to use a image created by Macrium Reflect, you can mount that image as a virtual drive. Then you can copy and paste or drag and drop. Surely a person with your vast experience knows that.If you spend much time on help forums you would hear many stories about restore points not working. I'm no expert but being on the same drive as the OS, I would think they could be affected by malware very easily also. As I sated above IMHO a image is much better then a restore point.
I think most members here will agree with that statement. I always create a image before making any major changes.
I know two members here that will agree with me. @BIGBEARJEDI and @MikeHawthorne.
I suggest you do a little reading about restore points before making rash statements Rich. You can start reading here from HTG. I don't what to spend any more time researching about corrupt restore points. Surely you can Google!;):(. Where is this repair and build shop you run.:earoff:
Knowing you for many years, I know you will have more comments about this!:rofl:Welcome to my ball park and the forum Rich!
HTG Explains: How System Restore Works in Windows
All my System Restore points are corrupted?


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Well I have worked on a few computers in my time in business and other than for seriously infected systems, or since Windows 8 release I have noted quite a few pcs sold with System Restore defaulted to off, I have had nothing but luck in recent years using it. Now that said in the days of Windows XP yes I saw situations where System Restore failed to work but I never saw corruption on them just the fact they would not restore.
XP was the first real step forward having System restore and I do feel that each successive OS did a better job of making it work properly other than for those dopes that defaulted it to being off. Needless to say if a system is infected, using System Restore to solve the issue probably will not do much of anything. And using it after cleaning a pc to solve an issue could be considered software suicide.

Hi again friend! More talk, but no proff. No one has said restore points weren't a good feature and no one here will disagree that they have gotten better over the years. There is a rumor that you are the King of hardware and OEM replacement. Sorry but you left that door wide open when you bragged about your business and your expert repair expertise.;)Remember you are on my turf now. Not sure how long @Mike will allow these discussions to go on. They are very lenient here but I'm sure there is a limit they will tolerate. Let's not push it!;):(


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RichM said:
I saw situations where System Restore failed to work but I never saw corruption on them just the fact they would not restore.
Have you never had a system restore fail, saying Failed, due to possible corrupted restore point?
I just had one last week on a Windows 7 SP1 machine.

Hi @allheart55 Welcome to the forum! A little off topic,but have you ever seen a PC running MBAM Pro show errors in the event viewer that MBAM had stopped running. I have never seen that and just wondering if you have. If you have do you know what would cause MBAM Pro to stop running 10 times. That sounds serious to me and I would want to know why that happened!;):worship:
PS I know you are very modest and don't toot your own horn. I will embarrass you and toot it for you! I know you are the top dog administrator on another help forum and have your own repair and build shop. Welcome to the forum. Your knowledge will be welcomed here on Windows forum :worship:

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No, I never have Gary but that doesn't mean that it can't happen.
Yes, I would be a little concerned if my Malwarebytes stopped running, especially that many times.

Why do you ask?

Hi @allheart55 Just that a certain member here replied that this happened to them, but when asked couldn't attach a screen shot. They didn't want to talk about it for some unknown reason to me! I would have loved to talk about it and reported it to Marcin!
I would be very concerned if my MBAM Pro stopped working just one time. I would really be looking for a answer if if happened 10 times.
Thanks for your reply.
Don't be a stranger and log on when you have time! Your knowledge will be well excepted here!


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Allheart are you aware I don't use it as part of my defenses? It is their solely on one machine so that I have it to refer to if one of my clients has a question on it. I lost faith in it a long time ago but I did sell a lot of licenses when I thought it was "king of the hill" when it was $24.95 for life.
(You missed some of the earlier discussion in another thread). Supposedly it is compatible with Emsisoft but I am starting to wonder. I check Mbam Forum for Emsisoft issues and found none and also Mbam stopping and also found nothing relevant. In the past I felt that Emsisoft and Mbam together on a system tended to drag the system down a bit.

In the past I felt that Emsisoft and Mbam together on a system tended to drag the system down a bit.
How would you know your system was dragged down a bit, when you have stated that you have the fastest PC in the west.:rofl:
Just a little harassment;) @RichM You seem to love digging your hole a little deeper;):)
I would not have them running at the same time Rich. You are a seller of Emsisoft. I would be checking this problem out if there is a conflict, so you could inform your clients.
You can set them up so that there shouldn't be a conflict. I have attached this link on another thread, but I'll attach it again!:D
Question about compatability with Malwarebytes - Emsisoft Anti-Malware
Happy computering @RichM


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Thread is being locked for now. I would ask that the baiting stop and it appears that an outside situation has crept into this forum. This will not be tolerated and I would ask all members to treat each other with civility and respect.


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1) Restore Points can get corrupted but it's highly unlikely that Windows would correctly restore a corrupted Restore Point (I believe it checksums them even in the new versions of Windows)
2) The functionality that restores restore points can fail with multiple errors (an error in the restore system program itself, an error with the files corrupted or missing, or a permission error)
3) MBAM shutting down is a common thing with computers infected with malware that uses this to protect it'self from being removed
4) Be nice to one another

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