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I recently made a support call to what I thought was HP customer support. The rep that answered tried to convince me I had a virus in my hard drive and that I needed to purchase Microsoft Forefront Security Service.
At this point I ended the call, however I did foolishly allow the rep to access my computer using logmein123. I then found out I had called 247help-desk.us, which seems pretty shady.

I am currently running antivirus and anti malware on the computer while in safe mode.
Are there any other precautions I should take, or am I overreacting as it is?


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You just handed someone (whom you think lied about who they are) control over your system;
They can send spam email (in your name) to any where including people in your contacts like a boss?
They can re-direct your web browser to some other web sites and just use your id to watch porn or some other icky stuff.

Is this the same anti-virus you had before the call or a new one? After it finishes remove it, install Avast (free) and scan your system again.

The first clue to this "very bad experience" or a big right light should have gone off....major PC retailer support/help desk don't use RDP services like "logmein"....they have a link they send via email.....

To really make sure you system is still not hijacked is to do a complete reinstall...in your case, your HP factory recovery partiton/software.

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