Seagate central has 2 nas issues


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1. These drives are semi-legally sold in Australia and that creates a small problem for professional users because the users agreement is void… this means any info stored on them isn’t covered by insurance and governments, school etc can’t use them without opening themselves up to litigation if the documents are sensitive.
Screenshot (283).png

2. The drives themselves work ok in Australia because our networks are almost the same as used in the U.S or England but a lot of them shipped last year with outdated firmware and if you get one of these then it may require a firmware update before it works correctly and of course that update will need to be done by manual.

Problem: Seagate central shows a firmware update is available but when you try to get it the device gives a drive is full error.

Work around; Download the update then point the device to the file.

1. Open your explorer and press the network icon… then find the SCSS in devices, right click it and select properties.
Screenshot (276).png

2. Find, highlight and copy the serial number as it appears on this screen… you need it to both register your product and/ or to get access to Seagates download tool.
Screenshot (277).png

3. The Seagate down load tool lives here;

Pick a country, agree to the tick box and paste the serial number into the slot then press the query button... the serial number is case sensitive and there is no other way to get the downloads unless you happen to work for Seagate.

4. You need the firmware download… currently that’s the 30 june 2014 (126,194 kb unpacked) and save this image to your computer.
Screenshot (275).png

5. Use your browser to log into your central by typing the name or ip address in… the device comes with instructions for this part but go to the firmware update, in the advanced settings… takes about 3 minutes to complete and does NOT touch any data stored on the drive itself however the data can’t be reached from the network until the update has completed and the drive re-boots itself.
Screenshot (286).png

A nas firmware update isn’t as big a deal as a bios flash but you still need to be careful i.e. don’t interrupt it once it starts… don’t download torrents, browse facebook in the background and if you use a laptop on batteries, don’t allow it to sleep or on your own head be it.

To be clear, Seagate make great drives and their software generally gets the job done. I use and recommend their products… they just really suck at customer support.
Firmware update {29th Sep-2015};

A new firmware is needed to run the Tappin service and Seagate have made another (un-documented) change to the manual process for this time.

Screenshot (182).png

  • Instead of an image file you now get a zip... this has to be un-zipped before it can be used.

Screenshot (184).png

Note: that this new firmware only updates Tappin and MUST be installed before that service will work now... apart from the un-documented change the new firmware installed without issue at my end... good luck at your end guys!

Screenshot (185).png