Seriously how can I get rid of the RED X on wireless connection????Please help!

I am running Windows 7 (x64) for I have that stupid RED X on my wireless connection; however, I am able to get on the internet. It's slow but I can get on. I tried everything on the web. I unistalled all my drivers, I system restore, and I did a lot of run as admin and I set have that RED X on my wireless connection in my task bar. Please, Please help me out! Thanks in advance.

This is quite an odd question. The red X is there because you aren't connected wireless, or your operating system think you aren't... You can't get rid of the X. Sorry...

Yes, it say that I am not connected but I can still surf the internet. It is just super slow!


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Without more information regarding you computer, your wireless adapter, your wireless router, etc. We would be hard pressed to offer any legitimate help. Are you sure you are not using some type of mobile broadband adapter to acquire an internet connection. These can confuse some people in that they act like a wireless connection but generally setup like a dialup and their performance is often slow based on your proximity to a 3g or 4g source antenna.
So what is your wireless adapter's manufacturer name, model name/number and revision number? What is your wireless router's manufacturer name, model name/number and revision number?
Are you currently using any third party software to manage your wireless connection? Are you currently using any third party security suites that may be performing any type of state packet inspection? Like firewalls or internet security suites?


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I can put a red x on my wireless connection by turning off the wireless adapter using the keyboard shortcut. You can probably also do it by disabling the wireless adapter. So maybe doing the opposite would help.

If you set this up, are you filtering MAC wireless adapters, or running security on the wireless, or have the router set up to not allow wireless during certain times of the day?

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