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Windows 8 Since Install of Windows 8 Pro - Kyocera does not print any text from office files


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Oct 17, 2012
Not sure if this is entirely a Win 8 problem but ever since I installed it I have 3 network printers 2 x Kyocera and 1 x Epson. The Kyocera now do not allow me to print from MS office. All drivers are saying up to date and no errors. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both printers.

When I print from Word or Excel I get an error message like this

PCL XL error

Subsystem: TEXT
Error: IllegalGlobalTrueTypeSegment
Operator: ReadFontHeader
Position: 24

If I print a table or anything with a border it will just print a blank table but no text

I can print web pages and PDFs perfectly fine.
I have the Same issue since installing Windows 8 and using Office 2007
Cannot print text from Word Or Excel to Kyocera FS-C5100DN Printer, Graphics and PDFs Print Fine
The same Documents Print fine to my Brother HL2130 from Word and Excel
Open the same document with Wordpad and it prints fine to the Kyocera

Any ideas ?
Un-install the drivers and then re-install but first right click on the driver exe (the start up icon), choose properties and then compatibility. Change it to windows 7 and then ok it. If this then fails to work it might the case of waiting until drivers mature or try googling other forums which deal with your particular machine.
Typically when you have these types of problems with programs within the Microsoft Office Suite it is usually associated with third party program add-ins for Office. Several anti-virus programs as well as PDF readers and a few other third party products incorporate add-ins for Word, Excel, etc., very few of which are actually of any value and often result in such problems.
My suggestion would be to check for those types of products and see if there is a means to remove or otherwise disable the office add-in packages.
You may also want to try launching the office product without add-ins.
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Because you say you can print PDF files fine, my first thought would be a Font type of issue.

In addition to what has been said, do the drivers for the printers have options for different versions of PostScript or some other similar option? Do the printers themselves have built in Fonts?

Have you checked the Port configurations for each printer? They would probably be about the same as Windows 7.

Have you wiped the memory on the printers and cleared out any left over garbage? Have the Print Spoolers been emptied?

Are you using a document for testing you created in Windows 8 with one of the offending utilities?

Are the drivers and software you are using for Windows 8 from the Manufacturer, or a Windows 8 supplied driver?
I think it was wait until Win 8 is officially available scenario. This week I was able to go into each Kyocera Printer Properties and in the advance tab select New Driver. Use Windows Update (which requires administrator access and ability to check and install updates locally) then find the driver for the machines and install. Works fine now. Hope this helps