Windows 7 slow explorer (W7 RC 64bits)


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well i am using W7 7100 64 bits a while now and it workes great.
there is only 1 thing that bothers me, the sloooooow explorer when you open folders with lots of files in there.
yes, with pictures i can imagine that creating thumps takes some time, but with an folder full of music?
even opening computer sometimes gives me an white screen and they lame green loading thingy
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i am using an fast PC, Q9450 quad core, HD84850 VGA card, 4GB ram, 2 seagate drives in raid 0(both good with smart test)
and windows XP does'nt take hours to load a music map.
i am using an clean install, from windows site.
is there something to make loading maps faster, becouse it makes me wanna switch to XP again?

I periodically run into that issue too, what kind of view are you using? After I changed to "Details view" I don't have as many issues.
I second the notice

I have licensed RTM W7 64bit and it seems this slooowness started within the past week. I have a similar powerful system to previous post.
I got that on occasion myself, even on virtually empty folders. I can actually hear my drive spinning up sometimes if I have left the PC idle for a while and then I sometimes get that green bar. I'm on a desktop though and on max power settings so it's a bit puzzling. It did help to disable the 'Windows Search' service, as I always did the 'Indexing' service in XP. It's worth a shot!