[SoS] Blue Screen [SoS]

Yup, I have..!!!

I am using XP now causing its quiet stable than Windows 7 & I have my Project Work to complete so..!!!

Anyways how do I flash a new BIOS..???

Is there a specific procedure cause the above link does say anything about how to flash the BIOS..!!!


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1. @BIOS Introduction

2. @BIOS download

3.Before you start..... I.[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]If your system supports Intel Hyper-Threading technology, please kindly disable the function in the BIOS.[/FONT] II.[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Please close all applications and TSR (such as anti-virus program) under Windows to avoid unexpect error whiling BIOS update.[/FONT]

4.Methods and steps :

I. Save BIOSIn the very beginning, there is "Save Current BIOS" icon shown in dialog box. It means to save the current BIOS version.

II. Update BIOS through Interneta.Click "Internet Update" iconb.Click "Update New BIOS" iconc. Select @BIOS sever ( "GIGABYTE @BIOS server 1 in Taiwan" ,
"GIGABYTE @BIOS server 2 in Taiwan" ,
"GIGABYTE @BIOS server in China" ,
"GIGABYTE @BIOS server in Japan" ,
"GIGABYTE @BIOS server in USA" are available for now, the others will be completed soon)d. Select the exact model name on your motherboarde. System will automatically download and update the BIOS.

III. Update BIOS NOT through Internet :a.Do not click "Internet Update" iconb.Click "Update New BIOS"c. Please select "All Files" in dialog box while opening the old file.d. Please search for BIOS unzip file, downloading from internet or any other methods (such as: 6OXM7E.F1).e. Complete update process following the instruction.

5. Note :
a.In method I, if it shows two or more motherboard's model names to be selected, please make sure your motherboard's model name again. Selecting wrong model name will cause the system unbooted.b.In method II, be sure that motherboard's model name in BIOS unzip file are the same as your motherboard's. Otherwise, your system won't boot. c.In method I, if the BIOS file you need cannot be found in @BIOS server, please go onto GIGABYTE's web site for downloading and updating it according to method II.d. Please note that any interruption during updating will cause system unbooted. e. GIGABYTE Technology Co., Ltd is not responsible for damages of system because of non-correct process of updating FlashBIOS" to avoid any claims from end-users.

Ref: @BIOS

Download the Bios I specified and then use the above to install it using the 'Update Bios Not through internet' method.


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I was looking over your system information. I might be misreading it since I have not used that readout before. But do you have one 2G memory module? If so, which slot is it in, the one closest to the processor?

Error after driver update

Well when I install the graphics driver I get this issue

Glowfoto :: Photo Sharing

I've also attached the newest dump file [Windows 7]..!!!

Someone help please..!!!

Extract the driver package to C:\ATI if you've deleted it from there. If you haven't, it will still be there.

Open device manager. Right click on your video card and choose update driver software. Browse my computer. Let me pick. Have disk. Browse.

Now find a double click on the .inf with CL in its name, somewhere within the extracted folder.

Hit next and then hit ok and let it install.

Choose an Aero theme by right clicking the desktop and choosing Personalize.

Don't forget to update your WEI score which may help things if you still have a problem.

Let us know how it goes, please.


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Well, I asked you about ntkrnlmp file that I do not seem to show on my Win 7 install but do show on my Vista install. I don't think I ever got a response. There is certainly a chance I just can't find it on either of my systems, but if you find yours and it says Vista, it might be a problem. What details does it show?

I asked you what version your motherboard was and I have not seen a response to that. I cannot determine the correct bios without knowing that information.

I asked you about your memory configuration and have not seen a response to that. The reason I asked was because you may have it in the wrong slot or have it set for DDR 2 which is not correct for only one dimm.

So, get a different hard drive, or re-install Win 7 on the one you have. Do not load any other software except what you must have. Do not allow Win 7 to install any optional updates.

Open your system up and put an external fan blowing inside. Run it for a while to see if it still blue screens.

Hope I am not being too critical, but sometimes information you may not consider relevant will lead to the solution of a problem.

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Hope I am not being too critical, but sometimes information you may not consider relevant will lead to the solution of a problem.
good point and for myself my rule of thumb is that if I still have a problem then I don't know what will be relevant ;)

After all this I have thought of buying a new hardware..!!!

Can someone give me specs for a PC [Only CPU assembly] for around 800 USD..!!!

I need the best available for that price..!!!

Thank you..!!!

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