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Discussion in 'Windows 8 Hardware' started by HortonX25, Feb 12, 2017.

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    Posted this onto other sites FYI

    I've installed Windows 8 onto a computer, the sound worked nicely for one day, but after a restart it no longer works. Checking shows that the drivers are all installed and it can detect the speakers, but yet no sound comes out of them.

    Anybody have this issue? I've looked and I've noticed that the speakers on the same machine work for my Linux dual boot, so the issue is something to do with Windows, the hardware by itself is also working fine and everything is plugged in. There simply is no play back, I've attempted to reinstall the drivers and I still can't get anything. Can anyone help here?
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    Have you verified that sound is pointed at the correct output device?

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    Win8 has lots of driver issues as well as security issues which let viruses in and can disable any or all of your devices. I recommend you update to Win8.1 *you need to check EXACTLY which version of W8x you have on your computer*, and most likely that problem will disappear, :up:assuming you don't have any nasty viruses lurking in there.:pirate:

    If that doesn't work, you should do a virus cleanup/removal or pay a licensed Computer Tech to do for you, and don't think for a minute that upgrading to W10 will fix this particular problem if it's virus-related! :noway:
    If this is the case, and neither of the above remedies work for you, take a look at this detailed post on virus cleanup I did today for another forum user here: Windows 10 - Wi-Fi speed is extremely slow since installing Windows 10
    This solution set is actually for a User with very slow Wi-Fi Internet on W10; but the troubleshooting and virus removal steps are the same for W8/W8.1

    You can save yourself some time by checking the version of W8x you are running *either W8 or W8.1* on your computer. If you have W8.1, you can backup your stuff to external media first, and jump into to virus removal section and try to remove the virus you may have and see if it brings your sound back. If it does, you're all fixed!:up:

    If it doesn't read down through the link I gave you and get started with Troubleshooting using my free TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE; link included above.

    This should take care of it in any case. :up:

    Let us know how you get on, or if you get stuck and need to ask us some questions. We are here 24x7x365 and do our best to respond to all questions within 24 hrs.

    <<<<<BIGBEARJEDI>>>>> :teeth:

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