Windows XP Stereo audio streaming.

Hello Windows-friends,

I am Mike and a new member.
I have a question about audio.
I want to stream in realtime over the internet from one pc to another pc a stereo audio signal.
I want to use it for a radiostation so the dj on location can stream his music in stereo to the studio where it will be aired to the listeners.
The dj in the studio can talk with Skype with the dj on location. But Skype itself is mono.
Does anyone have a solution for me?
I've tried different programms and software, but I didn't find anything.

I still use XP but it will be replaced at the end off this year.



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I'm no audio expert but could you not open two skype connections - one for each stereo channel?

Hello patcooke.

I have allready tried that option with 2 seperate desktops. Only the fact will be that the stereo sound will be sent to the studio and the 2 receivers give the signal to the studio with each 2, or 4 sec. delayed. So Skype isn't stereo. I have hearded that in the early times Skype was stereo. Maybe someone knows an other programm.

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