Stop the cavalry !

Some years ago Jona lewie composed and performed a cute little christmas song: "Stop the Cavalry."

Pertinent to my post is the following excerpt: "Oh I say it's tough, I have had enough, Can you stop the cavalry?"

My main problem with windows 10 is the fact that it uses an inordinate quantity of data, And no matter what I try, it only gets worse. For example, with windows 8.1 I could go to my internet settings and prevent both sound and pictures from manifesting in certain web pages. Now it is not possible, and I am obliged to make use of an ad blocker, which leads to the page I am visiting to freeze when it detects an ad blocker.

Also, no matter how often I stop the updater, it just restarts on its own volition.

I have had enough, so kindly tell me how to revert to windows 8.1, please?

Thank-you, Mr Churchill.


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Hehe I remember the record as well as 'You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties' which is still a good record I might add.

Trouble is if you've had Windows 10 installed longer than 30 days you cannot go back. If that isn't the case with you check out this guide:
Rollback from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 / 7

To put it mildly: I AM DISGUSTED. Bill Gates expect average Joe to master the intricasies of windows 10 within 30 days? That while his own inventors have to concoct upgrades for evermore because they themselves did not quite comprehend this cracked up operating system when they invented it? That while some faults come to light only after upgrades are installed, more than 30 days after?

Frankly, we wuz robbed. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have upgraded.


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I hear you Oscar and yes Microsoft could make it clearer about the 30 day thing. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news..


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Anyone know what happens if you reinstall Windows 8.1 from scratch and use your existing Windows 8.1 registration number?
Did you give up your registration for 8.1 when you updated?

I read that Windows 10 stops you from updating by deleting the Windows.old and the $Windows.~BT folders.
Something that I did myself, to save space.

It says that if you rename these folders before the 30 days are up you can still go back after the 30 day limit, by renaming them back again.

But if it will let you do that, it seems like it couldn't stop you from just reinstalling Windows 8.1 from scratch.

I'm not suggesting that this will work for sure, I'm just wondering how they would stop you.

Anyway I'm not sure if this is any help but it's a thought that you might look into.

I am pretty sure that if you have a System Image file of your hard drive with you old install on it you could just restore to that and ignore the upgrade button.


How to Roll Back Windows 10 After the 30 Days


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You might be able to roll back but you won't be able to activate the os. This is because the licence is stored online and the windows 8.1 licence will have been replaced by a Windows 10 licence.
Windows 10 Activation explained..

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