Windows 10 Suggestions for learning C++

Pat Malone

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I have been reading alot about C++ programming. I even started watching videos and writing study guides for different books. I don't have any difficulty understanding written text, even in difficult format. I am just asking for suggestions of the best ways to learn C++ coding. I don't want gimmicks that teach you small coding snippets and make you feel as if you are doing something. My goal is to find comprehensive and healthy form coding information. I would prefer free resources but for pay is alright as well. I have the mind for coding and the passion for it as well. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. =)

P.S. I understand this is a windows forum and this may be out of bounds. If so redirecting me would be cool. Thanks again.


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I would suggest first picking a target platform either Windows or *nix. For Windows you'll likely want to use visual studios community edition and for *nix use g++. These compilers will have differences in they way they work.

Other than that there are a ton of free resources such as

C++ Language - C++ Tutorials and C++ Tutorial I tend to favor for free. You should be able to master the basics from there. If you want to really learn the language a good book will go a long way and literally just following through the chapters and doing all the exercises and just coding in general will help you master it.

The professional series programming books are usually really good and they go into great detail on the nuances of the languages for better programming. Professional C++ (9781118858059): Marc Gregoire: Gateway