"system cannot find the path specified" trying to run a .cmd from DOS


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I'm using Win7 Enterprise.

I opened a DOS window as Administrator and I navigated to a directory with two files in it - someFile.cmd file and a someFile.jar file.

I typed this on the command line: someFile.cmd and I get, "The system cannot find the path specified". When I type someFile.jar and press Enter, I get no errors.

Just for fun I renamed the someFile.cmd to someFile.exe and tried to execute the someFile.exe from the same DOS window, and I got an error.

So for some reason, the DOS window has a hard time running the .cmd file. I even opened Windows Explorer and dragged the someFile.cmd into the DOS window and hit Enter, and that resulted in the same "cannot find the path specified" error. I'm pretty confidant it's related to the file's extension.

Does anyone know what's going on? This did not used to be a problem about a year ago (I haven't played with this since then) but it is now. And I do not know why or how to get around it.

Thanks in advance.



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One of the most common answers would be, you have a torrent involved - this is a very bad word in this Forum, perhaps moderators will take this out, not sure. Get rid of everything illegal. Dispose all you have installed lately.