TAPI Settings wont save

We are using a voip Shoretel phone system. When I installed the Shoreware Director (voip software) in compatibility mode, it installed correctly. Now when I go into Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options > Advanced Tab, there is a "Shore Tel Remote TAPI Service Provider" None of the settings will save when I enter in voip server...etc...

I know this is probably an issue with Shoretel, and they wont support it for a while, but just seeing if anyone has any experiences or suggestions with it....

TAPI Settings


Did you ever find a fix for this? I'm testing Call Manager on Windows 7 RC1 and have the same problem.

I had the same issue with our Splicecom phone system.

The resolution was to copy the registry entry for the phone system from another machine or manually add your own.

You may find that the registry entries are already there but not complete.

Watch out for the partner port field, my code is 5002 you only need the last two digits.

Although the entry does not appear in Phones and Modems, it still works.

Fixed it

I found the fix.

If you haven't already, uninstall shoretel pcm completely, reboot.

Reinstall it, reboot. Go through the normal user setup process. When finished, close pcm (right click, exit all). In the Call Manager program files folder, run vistatapifix.exe. Make sure to run as administrator. Open pcm and all will work.


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