Windows 7 Tapping


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Feb 1, 2009
Hi, I have windows 7 build 7000 on a generic laptop. I am very clumsy when typing, and some times my thumb brushes the trackpad and clicks, and this has gotten very annoying. I also find myself accidentally clicking random areas and dragging files by accident. I would like to turn off the tapping feature. does anyone know how to do this?


Acer Laptop (unknown model)

PS: Please don't say that I should leave it on and all the great benefits of its programming and everything like that. This is a very very sensitive trackpad. Sometimes, even an outburst of air from your mouth or nose will trigger a click.
well id checked the acer website first for the proper track pad driver, once thats installed, try going to control panel, mouse, probably the far right tab, settings/properties, and look for trackpad options to reduce sensitivity.

without any more detail on your particular model i cant really help more than that.
you know that the model number is pretty much directly below the Ctrl key, right? usually on a little green sticker.
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