Trackpad movement delay

I just recently got an Asus Zenbook UX301LA, with Windows 8.1 and all the updates and have been having some problems with the trackpad. There is a setting in the windows 8 "Mouse and Touchpad Settings" menu which says "To help prevent the cursor from accidentally moving while you type, change the delay before clicks work."

I've turned this setting to "No Delay (Always on)", but I'm still having problems with a mouse delay. When i type anything, it will take up to 2 seconds after I stop typing before it recognizes i'm trying to tap-click.

Furthermore, my bigger issue is that I like to have my mouse/trackpad sensitivity set very high, but when I first start mousing, there is a significant delay before it actually starts moving the cursor. When it does start moving, it will jump a good distance to where it should have been based on my movement. The problem is it makes precision small movements next to impossible with this trackpad. Highlighting text is a pain because i will have to wiggle the mouse for a second before I can get it to recognize that i'm moving it at all, then go back to the point where I want highlighting to occur.

In troubleshooting I have uninstalled the ASUS trackpad and tested with just the windows native drivers, and it still has these problems. Is this a bug with Windows 8.1, or something with ASUS laptops? It's driving me crazy with how frustrating it is to mouse.


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Uninstall the regular Asus trackpad driver's and do a search for Asus Elan Trackpad driver's. Download and use them. They sure improved the trackpad on my Asus laptop running Windows 8.1.

Well, I think you have me going in the right direction, but I don't think this solved my problem. I removed the SmartGesture application in add/remove and installed the Elan ones no problem, but after restarting my machine, the taskbar is still showing "SmartGesture" and double clicking it brings up the old SmartGesture stuff. Am I removing it incorrectly? Is there some other way I need to remove the drivers?


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I'm not positive, I'm running my desktop now. However, if I remember correctly, it was the actual Asus trackpad driver that need's to be uninstalled and then install the Asus Elan drivers. Then there's a setting you need to change in the Charm's Bar's PC settings at the very bottom. Give me a few to get my notebook going and I'll tell what I have on my notebook now. When I did all the uninstalling of driver's, etc. I turned off my desktop and used it's mouse long enough to do everything as far as uninstalling/reinstalling old/new drivers and changing the settings. Notebook's slower than my pc, so it'll be about 5-10 mniutes. Slow 5400 rpm drive vs sata 6gbps. ssd. OK here's what I have on my Asus notebook : Live Update, Alcor Micro USB Controller, Asus Instant Connect, Asus Instant On, Atheros Communications Gigabit LAN, ATK Package, Broadcom802.11 Adaptor, Intel HD Graphics driver, Intel SDK OpenCL, Intel Management Engine Utilities, System Requirements Lab for Intel, WinFlash, Realtek HD Audio driver, Touchpad Elantech version 115113 and Prolific PL-2303 USB to Serial. The Smart Gesture I did uninstall. I used Revo-Uninstaller free and I clicked on the very bottom option after I clicked on Uninstall. Revo-Uninstaller cleans up better than Windows or any program's uninstaller does. Here's the Charms Bar > Settings > PC and Devices > Mouse and Touchpad > where it says Touchpad at the bottom right change it to No Delay (Always On) in the box with the arrow on the right. Then you should be all set. As far as what Asus software to use besides the Elantech driver visit . That's Asus's Republic Of Gamer's forum and a lot of people can help you out with what's unnecessary from Asus for your laptop. I posted a thread when I ordered mine in the beginning of December, so when I got it I removed the unnecessary stuff pronto before any updates or getting 8.1.

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