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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by muashr, Jan 16, 2016.

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    I have window 7 and right now I having some serious issues with my computer. The main issue is that I cannot see my D: in My Computer.
    Background: Some hours ago I had three drives C, D, & E. I distrIibuted the space of E: into C & D using a partition software. But now I cann't see the D drive. It is there because that partition software shows all of its contents but I think it is not created and I do not see any option to create the partition.
    I also tried the option available under Computer Manangment but from there I get a message of refreshing and starting the computer again which so far have not worked.
    I even tried System Restore but that was also unsuccessful. The reason for that could be: unfortunately, couple of days ago some of the content in C:\Windows were deleted and now I get different kinds of errors (including disabled sound).
    I want to upgrade to windows 10 as well but I am not sure whether or not during the upgrade process I lose all my data in D:. Any suggestions?


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    You should never run major operations like upgrades without backing up anything and everything on your system which you can't afford to lose. The two main backups you should consider is:

    1. Making an image of your system drive using something like Macrium Reflect free edition and save the image on an external drive.

    2. Backing up all of your user data files and folders by copying them all to an external drive.

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