Windows 7 The taskbar needs a fix...


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Honestly everybody knows the taskbar is probably the most updated feature of windows 7 however i think it has a major flaw that is going to make people try to get the quick launch back...

there is no simple way of adding one click access to a favorite folder or a hard drive... You cannot simply make a shortcut to any folder or hard drive...

i consistantly used the quicklaunch to open up my backup/media drive and i cannot simply ad a shortcut to the hard drive...

i have to add it to the "windows explorer" icon which ruins the flow by forcing me to right click and choose my hard drive rather than the simplicity of one click access to the hard drive...

honestly if they plan to make the taskbar a FULL replacement for the quicklaunch bar they cant limit the types of things that can be added to the taskbar

edit: it is the same case with adding "my computer" to the taskbar
edit2: well i solved my problem SOMEWHAT by changing the path to my "L" drive so that solves the one click issue but thats only for 1 folder/hard drive at a time... otherwise you can only have one click access to one hard drive or folder at a time... :<
Just add a toolbar to the folder/hard drive of your choice.
I've been doing it since XP, and it works great, you don't even have to pull up a window, you just navigate through the menu.

To do so, right click the taskbar, go to Toolbars > New Toolbar
Navigate to my computer, and select the drive you want to use, then hit open.

Easy as pie.
ah youd think so

see i tried that but when dragging and dropping between to folders its not that simple and its much easier to simply open the explorer icon then draging moving over the opens.....navigate the the folder....then the next.... then finalyl placing... its not nearly as convient or fast as an actual one click link that opens the folder in explorer
You could always right click the destination you'd like, and create a shortcut, then drop the shortcut into the taskbar (Pin it).
i love using my monitor as a picture frame so to speak well thats what my friends say lol i use RocketDock it works fine with 7 and i use it for everything and whenever i dont need it, i have RD and windows taskbar auto hide, my only concern is the window button where its supposed to add apps recently used i hate that big white bar with nothing in it i want it gone any ideas? :)
Maybe this will be satisfactory for you?

To add a folder to the taskbar, just right-click on the taskbar and choose the Toolbars menu, and then click on New Toolbar.

Just find the folder that you want

Ditto for "Computer.
I really don't think the new taskbar is flawed in any way... sure you might have to go about doing things a little differently than you did with XP or Vista.. but isn't that the point of a new OS..? to move on from the previous one and tread new waters... ;) I for one really like the "new" taskbar just the way it and hope Microsoft doesn't change it back to the "old" way.. I donno.. to me if they keep changing things back to how they were then it really kinda goes against the purpose of a new OS.. if that's all people want then why don't they just keep patching or updating Vista or XP or even Windows 2000 then.. really.. move on people... hahaha

I'm glad Windows 7 is different than XP and Vista substantially, it may not be that much different than Vista as far as code and overall layout goes (which I still don't agree with) but it's at least different enough visually that it looks like a new OS and not just an update of the previous OS in my opinion.. :) I really like the jump list concept and hope it is implemented well (by final release) and used by developers.. I like the way the "new" taskbar feels and operates..

I guess if I HAD to make a negative comment on the "new" taskbar all I can think to say is that if they really wanted to make an impact and really make it look like a new version of Windows, they should do away with a taskbar all together... really.. instead of modifying the living sh!t out of the same thing over and over and over again, just get rid of it all together and come up with a whole new concept.. something that hasn't been done yet by any OS manufacturer... ;) That, in my opinion, would be the only way to truly make a "new" version of something... instead of just tinkering with the same thing... but that's just me.. :) And of course if they did that then there would just be more non stop bitching about how "they changed it" and "now it sucks", and "now it's different", and wine wine wine.. hahaha. It's sad but true...

IT IS supposed to move forward BUT if it moves 1 step forward and 2 steps back we arent making progress are we? they added simplicity but they slowed down access to folders that are used most often as to those posts referencing making folder toolbars ... that works in most read situations but if your trying to write to those folders via copy paste/drag drop it makes things more complicated then simply using 2 explorer windows
" really make it look like a new version of Windows, they should do away with a taskbar all together."
A little lol here!
I am afraid I must confess to something.
I made a suggestion as to how the OP could get the tabs up but, truth is that since XP, I have always had the taskbar on autohide. prefer desktop icon shortcuts, where needed.
One thing where there is a misconception concerning the quicklaunch/taskbar lies in the name. The icons in the taskbar do not launch anything quicker, as the name implies. They are tabs, or icons if you will, which enable you to launch programs more expediently than hunting through the menu.