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Jun 23, 2010
I have a 3 month old HP PC loaded with 24gb ram and the latest Intel Processor. Using Windows 10 Professional. About a week ago I wanted to try a new Theme so I downloaded one from Windows Themes. I made a couple changes such as changed the time the picture changes from the default 10 minutes to 1 minute. After making the changes I just clicked to close it. The next day I noticed, when putting the computer to sleep, it awoke on it's own in about 15 seconds. It kept on and on doing this. I spent, probably about 3 hours with HP Chat and remote control and they didn't find the problem. I discovered the problem by accident (and fooling around with the Themes) and I'd bet there's others that may experience the same problem. Once you make changes to the default Theme download, you must save it as something, give it a name and click save. That's all I did and the problem is fixed for 3 days now. Just wanted to try to help someone who is as stumped as I was.
Thanks for sharing Jerry. No doubt other users will find this helpful.. :)
Yeah, Jerry. Many of us, such as me, has seen this problem for many years and many versions of Windows, actually going back to W95/W98 when Themes first came out. Not sure why MS has never fixed this, problem but probably so many other quirks in Windows they just never got around to it. :andwhat: There are tips in many books and online sources that allow you to fix this (as in the excellent "Dummies for Windows" series). Some require Registry hacks, which I personally try to avoid.:noway: Reason being, if your hard drive crashes and you have to reinstall Windows from Factory Recovery Media, you'll have to remember how you did that hack to make your Themes work properly.:headache: That's a huge pain.:hide: Might be easier to download a 3rd party Theme manager. There are tons of these; make sure to use a reputable download source such as CNET or SOFTONIC where they use state-of-the-art antivirus to scrub all their downloads before you get some nasty virus in your computer.

This problem has also been documented in the MSDN and Developer databases for those professionals who pay a very big annual subscription fee for.


What I've noticed it that when I download a new theme online it show up both as a named theme, and as an unnamed theme.


The unnamed one will be selected, if I click on the named one and it switches to that then that is the one it will use from then on and the name and setting will be normal.

If you have custom sounds and cursors, you will have to set those back to the way you want them.

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