Windows 7 This copy of windows is not genuine....


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I have the the official copy of windows 7 beta...
with a key that microsoft gave me...

its shown in the right click properties on 'My Computer'

but on the lower right hand now says 'This copy of windows is not genuine'

update isn't workin as to sayin that its genuine...idk what else to do..
I don't care about the whole situation...
I just hate the text

& it didnt happen until I changed...'windows/system32/slui.exe.bak' to 'slui.exe'

....any reason why?

cause it wouldn't let me run activation until I changed that...


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now when I said the same thing..
right clicked- 'My Computer' -properties
seen if it was still activated...-Yes is
beside that it says "get genuine"

installed a program that required me to restart....restarted.
& now its gone...
& right clicked- 'My Computer' - properties
beside that it shows ... "picture of genuine copy & learn more..."

so I guess...2 restarts fixes that?
if anyone has this problem...
besdies that
my issue is resolved!