This might be a new one....internet connectivity

Good Day,

I posted last night on my internet connectivity, and thought it was IE8 that came with my W7 upgrade, but now have another issue, and this seems to be a VERY narrow issue.

My Compaq laptop and the wireless connectivity are clearly recognizing the wireless router I have set up at home, but on the back end, I am getting the exclamation triangle that says "no internet detected".

The router is generating internet for a desktop and a laptop also in the house, so I don't think it's the appears to be something with the laptop and the request for internet from the router. I use WEP encryption key, and this also seems to be correct and in working order. But again, the laptop see the router, just no internet.

But this all cropped up last night after I did the W7 upgrade from HP.

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Did HP send you 2 DVD's so you could re-install all your original pre-installed software?

One More Bit of Info

Oh, one more little bit of info....I did take it in to have a tech look at it, and he was able to get 100% connectivity on his wireless...

As for the adapter, that is UNINSTALL, not merely disable, correct?. After I uninstall, it should pick this up on the re-boot I am assuming?


yes, he was using a different router at a completely separate location. I will try the adapter solution when I get back home, and then let you know, Thanks for the assist thus far.

New Puzzle Pieces

OK here's another couple new pieces to this puzzle. I read in another forum of a similar situation, and used the command prompt to ping google...well, that worked, and the exclamation went away, but the browsers still all would not connect, not IE8 nor Opera.

I re-installed the wireless adapter, nothing. I got the Windows 7 driver for the Atheros Wireless Adapter from the HP site, still nothing.

Here's where it gets interesting....I manually shut down the comp once, and on re-booting, of course it asked if I wanted to start normally, or in safe Mode, etc.... I chose Safe Mode with Networking, and when it booted up, guess what was working? So I said, OK, maybe the new driver kicked in, maybe the adapter started to like me, who knows, but when I shut down Safe Mode, re-started normally, there was the exclamation point again, and no internet access.

I don't particularly want to run it in Safe Mode all the time, LOL, so anyone with any further solutions would be most appreciated.


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Could you give us the model number of yout Atheros Wireless Adapter

adapter model

Atheros 5007 b/g


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I have no solution to offer, but want this on my subscribed list.
I have been having exactly the same problem for a month now. I have tried eliminating components one by one without success. Normally, (I have not tried pinging) I have to reset the router and the broadband modem and then restart one of the two laptops. This will usually reconnect. As the OP says, In the diagnoses, I am connecting to the router, but seem to be losing the router/broadband modem link each time. So far I have moved along the line to the ISP's modem, or even a faulty tel line. I am about to try a cable connection to the modem, in place of the wireless, and see what results I then get. Unlikely, in my case, that it is the adapters, suddenly, on two machines. Particularly, as I said, I do have connectivity there.

Ethernet Also Out

Oh, forgot to mention that little sideshow....when I hard-wired the laptop to the wireless, the Ethernet adapter wouldn't give me internet either.

Before the Win7 upgrade two nights ago, the wife would occasionally get an update from MS that included IE8. Every time IE8 popped up as a new browser after one of these updates, it would have the same effect on internet connectivity. When I did a restore to a time in Vista before IE8, the machine would once again connect just fine.


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I searched for Atheros 5007 b/g windows 7 and the only I found was problems. Everyone was looking for drivers, bot nobody found them

See if you cab ping the router


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Sorry, should have been


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I understand what you mean.

I believe it's


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I,ll break in to the thread again. I am sure this is not the OP's problem,
I opened my telephone connection box (on the outside wall- yeah, I broke the seal!) It was packed tight with last summers collection of dead beetles. I think I have a continuous connection again.

Thanks for the ideas...problem remains

Good evening all,

Thanks to everyone for all the ideas, and I've also been looking all over the net for various ideas. I am certainly a novice, but also one who is willing to try things and not be afraid I'll "break" the laptop.

That being said, I am now I am confident it is something running or blocking when I am on after a standard log-on because I CAN get a good connection in SAFE+NETWORKING mode. Any ideas about how to diagnose or start to whittle down what might be causing this/

Again, another clue seems something to do with the IE8 or accompanying items with it, because prior to installing Win7, we had several automatic updates over the past several months with Vista that had installed IE8, and this happened EVERY TIME IE8 was added. It also prevented Firefox from getting a connection as well.

Do I need to screenshot the services and processes in both standard log on and then in SAFE log-on and compare? What would I be looking for?

Firewall is off.

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