Thoughts on "hidden new features" yet to be released...

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Radenight, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    So, here we are a month or so into the Windows 7 Beta being widely available (legally) to whoever wants it. Many have installed with no problems at all (myself included.. :) ) and many have had only minor problems that were easily fixed.. I think it's safe to say that most of us have explored all that Windows 7 Beta has to offer thus far and are, to say the least, absolutely tickled at the abundance of features (both new and old) that are offered within Win 7.. I know I for one, absolutely love this new OS and think Microsoft is well on their way to redeeming themselves after the bad rap Vista got.. I also really like how Microsoft seems to be putting way more effort into 7 than in previous Windows release's... The revamped calculator, paint and wordpad are just some examples of this.. though small "pointless" apps to some, it still shows their putting more effort into this OS in my opinion...

    I am very curious though as to what other NEW features will be in the final release that aren't in the current Beta... if any... ;) I've been reading a few reports around the web that are saying Microsoft has stated that they are keeping a couple NEW features under wraps until the FINAL release appears.. well... Though I'm curious as to what those features are.. I'm also kinda worried.. simply because if they aren't going to release these NEW features until the final release then how are they going to know that these features are ready for the masses and won't need further testing first?? I know this will spark some interesting conversation, and those are my only intentions.. I just think that if there going to keep major features "hidden" until then, they either AREN'T major features at all and therefore don't need to be tested before being unleashed.. or they'll simply HOPE that these new additions are "complete" and will 'just work' as they say... ;)

    I know Microsoft wants to make 7 the best OS yet, and so far in my opinion it IS the best Windows OS to date.. that's why I don't entirely believe that they are keeping major features until the final release... Well that and I'm not a complete moron who believes everything he reads either... hahaha :) It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me for them to go about it in that manner.. Why take the chance on messing with something that so far is absolutely incredible as far as Windows OS's go...

    Anyway, that's my view on this issue.. what do you all think? Also, what do you think these NEW features will be IF they in fact do come into existance?

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    from this beta i really do hope like u these "couple" of new stuff is not bugged. altho so far im very pleased with how MS is handeling things and i actually have hope in them this time around. i dont think there anything TOO major but thats just a guess. who know's...
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    Well, I'm cautiously optimistic. I know that the virtualization that's supposed to be built in isn't there (for the most part) as of right now so that'll be a feature we see in the final. OTher than that, as long as they're not bogging down the OS, I'm pretty sure I'll be good with whatever they throw at us.

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