Transfer photos from a Mac HDD to a PC running Windows 7

I'm new to this forum and I was wondering if someone could assist me with the following problem:-
I have a HDD from a Macbook computer,the motherboard of which has died,and i would like to try and recover some jpeg photos onto my PC running Windows 7. The HDD is in a caddy and although the PC installs the drivers etc and it is listed in Device Manager, it does not show up on Explorer.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

I will try the suggestions in the article.
Thanks for your help.


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Check in disk management whether this disk has a drive letter. Without a drive letter you will not see it in Explorer. But do not reformat the disk. That would erase everything.

If nothing helps, You can use a Linux kit to copy that files. e,g, this one that I made.


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I can tell you that I just did a project similar to yours for a friend and I purchased MacDrive 9 to resolve things as painlessly as possible. It worked without issue although you're likely to be a bit confused about how the data structure appears.
I was gonna use Paragon's version as it is considerably less expensive, but the MacDrive software seemed to have better reviews so I went with that.
Just thought I would share my experience with an actual project.
Good Luck

Thanks for all your comments and help.
I chickened out and bought Paragon HFS+.
It worked perfectly and all has been transferred to a windows system.
Thanks again.

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