Turning off NAT = troubles ?

No problem...
Given the error you're getting I'd say somone goofed and blacklisted your router.
This is your problem, but it's not yours to fix. That's up to the game guys...

OK So I wrote a ticket to their support system and this is what they replyed to me.

I am sorry but there's no such thing as MAC Address Blacklist.

This might also happen if an hacking tool is under execution. We hope that is not your case ;)

Besides that, this might also happen when our Anti-Hacking solution crasher or looses connection to server.
A couple of things might cause that:
- A virus in your system
- Wrong settings on your firewall and anti-virus
- Wrong settings on your network (network board, router, modem, connection itself)

Please, add the following files in your Anti-Virus and Firewall exception/safe lists:
C:\Program files\alaplaya\S4League:
- HGWC.exe
- patcher_s4.exe
- S4Client.exe
- selfupdate_s4.exe
C:\Program Files\alaplaya\S4League\XTrap:
- XTrapVa.dll
- XTrapExt.dll
- psapi.dll
- xtrap.xt

Also open or forward the following ports on your modem/router:

Please also do the following:
- Download Hijackthis, run it and send its log to us.
- Follow instructions on this guide: Support - alaplaya - alaplaya.eu and send results to us. Please run it while playing and write down when you get Hacking Trial message.
- Perform a full scan for viruses on your system. Check if your Anti-Virus is up-to-date. You might also use an online tool for it, just search for "online virus scan".
- If you have router AND modem, please try using only your modem
- If you share your connection somehow, try to use it alone, without any external interference
Saudações / Best Regards

Annin - alaplaya GameMaster
Yeah well guess what, I already did every single thing they tell us to do and nothing worked.
Yeap I guess im doomed.

PS : I was checking my CD's paste when I saw one callled ARRIS Drivers. Maybe not having the drivers installed somehow could cause this error?

Im sorry for double-posting, I dont know how to edit a previous reply.

Do you guys anything more that could cause this or any fixes?

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