Turning on laptop causes PC in other room to power on

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    When I turn on my brand new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop, my older PC also powers on. Turning on the PC does not power up the laptop though. Both are running 8.1 and both are associated with the same hotmail account. PC connected to router with Ethernet cable and laptop is connected to wifi. I can reproduce it with the following steps:
    1. Power on laptop.
    2. Sign on using hotmail account.
    3. As soon as the Start screen loads, the PC will power on.
    I've disabled all Skydrive File Storage and Sync settings on both computers. I also changed some settings in Hotmail but nothing seems to work. When I got the new laptop, Windows did ask me if I wanted to import my PC settings and I selected "yes."
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    RESOLVED! You were spot on Saltgrass, turning off my modem/router prevented my laptop from powering up the PC - suggestive of a possible network setting. Also thanks for response Bassfisher!

    SOLUTION: Disable "Shutdown Wake Up"
    Device Manager --> Network Adapters --> Qualcomm Gigabit Ethernet Controller (my card) --> Advanced tab --> In 'Property Box' scroll down and select 'Shutdown Wake Up' --> set to Disable

    Remote 'Power On' is apparently a highly desirable feature for those who want to remotely power on their PCs and access remote files. I found extensive information on workarounds and 3rd party software to achieve remote power on but nothing on how to disable it. I'm not very techy so I was very reluctant to change BIOS settings so I tried windows settings first with quick success. Thnx again for the help!
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    I've never, ever heard of this....my first inclination is to say this is totally impossible. If it is happening....I'd say you have some serious issues with the possibility of being hacked....either your router or your laptop.

    Importing PC settings, I would think, has nothing to do with powering up. What type of encryption does your router have? Is this an open wifi connection or encrypted connection...eg where users have to log on with a network name and password?
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    You might try disconnecting one system from the Network.

    I noticed in my bios the other day an option to wake from a power off state, but an older system would not be able to start up in that manner from the Network. So whether it is coming out of sleep or power off, the Network Adapter might still be involved.

    If disconnecting the Network helps, check the Network Adapter to see if it is set to wake the system.
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