type don't work?


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Hey guy's im trying to figure out my body's PC..

his keyboard works cause on boot i go in bios and can use the keyboard to navigate.but as soon as the PC boots the keyboard does not work any more..

need to use virtual keyboard..

i have tried a few keyboards with the same issue???

any clue why??


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Try pressing F* on your keyboard during startup. If it work's select Safe Mode with Networking. If it let's you login, update your antivirus and run a full scan and let it remove any found threats. Now go to www.malwarebytes.org and download Malwarebytes Anti Malware free. Instill it, open it up and let it update it's definitions, Click on Full Scan and let it remove anything it finds. If the keyboard work's in Safe Mode with networking, type Device in the start menu's search box and click on Device Manager up at the top. Is there a exclamation mark next to keyboard ? If yes, right-click on your keyboard in the list and click on Update Driver and click on Update Driver Software ... . If that work's restart your pc. If it doesn't right-click on your keyboard in Device Manager and click on Uninstall. Now click on the Action tab up top in Device Manager and click on Scan for hardware changes. That should reinstall your keyboard driver. Click on Keyboards in Device Manager, the exclamation mark now shouldn't be next to your keyboard. Also open up Computer, right-click on C:, click on Tools, click on Check, put a check on both boxes, click yes or whatever pop's up and restart your pc. I'm using Windows 8.1 now and it's Check Disk doesn't show all the boxes, like 7 and prior do, so I forget what all of them say. That is how your run it though.


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it works but intill the login screen..at that point it's dead.

i will try the virus.cause he install that free avast version crap...he said since then issue's have been showing up...


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It may be easier just to do a clean install of windows. If the pc has more than 1 hard drive, unplug the 2nd one and click Advanced after Install now, format & then delete the partitions. Then do the install. Do a backup of his personal files first.


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no its one in 2 parts..his going to kill me if i do that lol..i will try other things...keep you posted.


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I'm going to suggest my standard solution for any hardware that doesn't work in Windows. LOL

Go to device manager, open Human Interface Devices, uninstall everything that says Keyboard, and then reboot your computer.

This will force Windows to try and redetect and reinstall the keyboard to the normal settings and drivers.

This is a pretty basic Windows function it's weird for it to not work, but my keyboard does stop working from time to time, but unplugging it and plugging it back in always fixes it.

You could also try plugging it into a different USB port, and see if that makes any difference if you haven't already tried that.



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can I ask, is USB keyboard/Mouse support enabled in BIOS? I made this mistake & was at it for ages until I thought nah I couldn't be that stupid lol but I was.

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