UFO floating across screen when using Internet Explorer..New winnows 8 laptop


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I have recently purchased a new laptop with windows 8.When I go to internet explorer and open a website, I am often seeing a small UFO flying across the screen. It makes a sound similar to the old space invaders arcade game. Has my laptop been hacked and can I stop this? It does not occur one only one particular website. It can occur at any time. Can I stop this. I have never seen this before on previous pc's.


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Run Malwarebytes and see if it's some kind of malware.
I've never heard of this and I can't find any other reference to it happening anyplace.

Take a look at your Extensions and see if you are running anything that could cause this.


okay this is something.. i just got that same thing today
there are little UFO's floating around my browser screen.. no pattern at all
i have no idea what this is but its nice to know im not the only one.. ill do a scan and stay in touch


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This is very weird, the only reference I find leads back to this post.
It seem that this isn't a common problem, which makes one wonder if it's a virus, or you're just haunted.



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I would, in the first intstance, have a look at the add-ons (Tools - Manage Add-ons)- Scroll down the list and see if there is anything that you did not install.
The try and return IE to it's defaults. (Tools- Internet Options - Advanced - reset)


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Alright so I bought my computer off of a friend a few days ago and since then I've seen this UFO thing as well. As far as I know there hasn't been anything sketchy on this computer and my friend said she has never had this happen to her before when using the computer. As a side note, I'm sure it might be totally unrelated..but I was watching a video on YouTube of a supposed alien autopsy when the UFO first appeared.

I have been getting the same thing. Weve only had this PC about 6 mos, brand new. Problem started couple weeks ago. We don't use this PC a lot for web surfing. When we do we use pretty standard sites, yahoo, airlines, researching some stuff, no gaming websites, no kids using it.

We have mccaffe, have run a full scan. Downloaded the free spybot, ran the utilities. Get the flying spaceship in Mozilla Firefox, ie & google chrome. Think we are going to have to wipe the pc & reload everything. Really sucks.

As already mentioned, try Malwarebytes. I had the same exact problem and had a complete rage quit for a couple hours. So far, Malwarebytes is the best solution I can think of for this situation. :)

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