Unable to change language on Welcome Screen to type my password

I have my password on my Windows 7 laptop set as a Russian word, and my default language is English. Usually, when I am prompted for my password, there is a button I can click to choose the keyboard language, so I can type it in. However, I restarted my computer and the button has vanished. This means that I cannot choose the Russian alphabet to type my password in, and my computer has become unusable. I do not have a password reset disk. Is there any way for me to fix this problem? If you need more information, I'll be happy to give it; I'm just not sure what is relevant to this problem right now.


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I found this on another forum.
I've never tried it but it's worth a shot.
I don't know if it will let you get past the log in or not.

You cannot reset it directly as a reset way function.

However, you can remove that password and type a new one instead, by following the steps

Restart your PC, and hold the F8 keyboard button and as You
enter the Windows® Boot Menu you will see some different choices,
choose Safe Mode with Networking.

Now Windows® will start in Safe Mode.

Select the default Administrator account from the login, the password
can be blank. If you are lucky and passed the login, then you’re able to
edit your original account.

I'd suggest you make your new password in French with no Accent Marks. :}



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You may find this video helpful. Created by site owner and senior administrator Mike, I suspect for just such a purpose.

The discussion thread regarding this utility and referenced video can be found here.

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