Unable To DELETE ESET NOD32 Folder


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Good Luck!!!


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The highlighted entry needs to be un-checked to see the Installer folder.


Sorry to hear you're having no joy!!

One final thought. Have you physically looked in your C:\Windows\Installer Folder for a folder "named" {57B012C9-5EAD-441B-9925-6B560B543D87} and an .msi file named dc6d4.msi?

A lot of people favour the MSE security suite although I have no knowledge myself as I'm an........ ESET Man!!! (are you jealous?? :eek:)
Mate,I just checked.There was NO kinda folder exist for this {57B012C9-5EAD-441B-9925-6B560B543D87}.Must be something wrong with my installer :(

Now what the hell am i doing wrong?AVG also experience an error during installlation!What happen now?? :(


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Hi again.

Now it's starting to sound like it might be some kind of malware.

Run SuperAntiSpyware in safe mode and see what you find.

SUPERAntiSpyware.com - Downloads

Have you gotten any messages about updating you antivirus lately?
A friend of mine had a Trojan about a month ago that wouldn't let him install any security stuff, including SuperAntiSpyware.

In order to run it I had to install in on a thumb drive on my computer and run it in safe mode on his.

It did find and remove it.

I suppose that the same thing left over from Nod could be blocking AVG as well.
If that's the case and you can't figure out what it is then it may be time for a repair install of Windows, it only takes about 20 minutes but I'd do it as a last resort.

When I do a repair install I do it from a new user ID, it's a pain because you have to transfer you address books, favorites etc. but it keeps Windows from picking up junk from your old one.
I create the new ID reboot, into the new ID, turn off all startup items and services, then reboot again in this configuration and then start the repair.

This gives you the cleanest possible install without deleting anything from your hard drive.
I've occasionally found some software had to be reinstalled after this but not often, non of my Adobe stuff refused to run afterwards.

After the install you will be able to boot into your old one to retrieve anything you need from it.

Once the new one is up and running you can delete the old one.

Note: I personally have never done a repair install in Windows 7, but many like this in XP.


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Hello again mike,okay..let me start this.Today i tried to install the avg thru safe mode and it succesfull then i tried to run it but it wont run even wont start after the reboot,then i tried again to uninstall it thru safe mode and i got this error
AVG UNinstall Error.PNG
tried thru in normal mode still the same error.Gosh im bumped!
I dload the superantispyware and start the scan & the result below
even after the scan,the uninstallation wont success even run the program.
I also facing some security problems too,in safe mode my security center wont even start. Win Security.PNG
What am i going to do now... :(everything seems to be upside down til i've got headache.

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I'm agreeing with Mike, this is deeper than an ESET problem.
Download Malwarebytes install, update, do a full scan.
Oh, and start up Windows Defender and do a full scan, it's not brilliant but at least it's already installed.

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nothing happen..but the problem still exist :(
what am i doing???


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Hi again

You have a serious virus problem.
The information that I have looked at says that SuperAntiSpyware should be able to remove these trojans.

Try running is again in safe mode and see if they still show up.
It so make sure that it is removing them.
It should show you the list of everything that was removed at the end of the process.

It may help to rename superantispyware.exe to something else.
As was noted it another post it can fool the malware into not blocking it.

For some unknown reason I always use Dork.exe!

I haven't used RKill but it's worth a shot too.

This malware may shut down your internet too, by changing your lan settings.
If this happens go into the settings panel and change your setting back to automatic.


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We're all trying to help you here, but if I was you I'd be getting ready for a totally clean re-install. That means reformatting the drive before re-installing. Drastic? Yes. We're not there yet though. I've done the "scan with ESET" "scan with Malwarebytes" "run HiJackThis" "RKill" etc. and eventually decided, Sod it. Re-install time. That's not so bad if you're not too far down the line with 894 programs installed, otherwise a PITA.

How old is your Setup?


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You are lucky in a way since you can get to your data.
Back everything up to either an external hard drive or DVDs.

Don't forget address books, and favorites plus any photos and other files, like game saves etc.

This is sounding more and more like Elmer is right and a clean install is the only way to get rid of this.

Once you have everything up and running again buy an external drive, they are cheap now, and make a system restore using either Windows 7 backup or 3rd party software.

I don't have any other ideas if none of the anti malware stuff will get rid of it.

At least with Windows 7 the install is fast, but you will have to reinstall everything else that you have on your computer.


Joe S

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Just a heads up if you buy a new external HD avoid any WD that mentions Smartware. Look at some places online like Newegg, Amazon, Tiger Direct etc for customer reviews. Also check the WD forums and see all the problems there are. Their customer support sucks too.

I guess re-install will completely solved my problems then..But i dont have external drive to create a backup and beyond that my personal data and files were much too important for me till it reach 67Gb,My dvd drive also NOT functioning.Gosh..But i think i must completely format my lappy b'cause this problem is giving me an headache.

Hello People,Today i scanned my pc again with safe mode and found this
Safe Mode Result.PNG
And again my 2nd scan in normal mode
Also im facing some various problem especially my windows defender are not working anymore
defender problem.PNG NOTE: When i ran rkill,the process terminate the c/windows/system32/dllhost.dll,Was it some kind of malware with that?

Keep coming.PNG
I just noticed that this one has caught my attention,When i do the 3rd scan the same threat was found,I did removed it with superantispyware & malwarebytes,But both still found the same threat like this.Any solutions to gettin rid of this thing?As i was reading some article in google this kinda a trojan would completely take over control my pc!Please,i need help for this,how to get rid of this moron completely?malwarebytes & SASPYWARE won't even remove it.

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I've usually been able to dig myself out of the brown mucky stuff but there have been a couple of times over the years when I've been up to my nostrils in it.
The guys over at the security section at TechSupportForums threw me a lifeline, pulled me out the icky stuff and gave me a nice hot shower!
I'm suggesting this as I think you are beyond the simple "scan with A", "run B" stage and need to run things like Combofix with special commands thrown in. If you decide to go there for help read this first to speed up the process, then can you supply us with a link so we can follow this problem through to the end.

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The problem with some of these things is that even if they are removed by the anti spyware software they just reinstall from some hidden file when you reboot.
They can generate random names for the install file so that anti spyware software which looks for specific files can't find them.

I'd give the tech support forums a try and if that doesn't work then I'm afraid that the only thing you can do is reinstall.

I use Maxtor and LeCie external hard drives, I've had good luck with both, I just plug them in and use them, I don't use any of the software that comes with them.
If you have a BestBuy or something near, you can run out and buy one before you do your backup.

There are manual ways of removing these things and sometimes companies like McAfee will offer a downloadable remover tool. But I haven't found any from credible sources for these.

As I said earlier my friend had this a month or so ago and we were able to get rid of it, but he did decided to go ahead and reinstall Windows XP anyway just to be sure he was rid of it for good.

A last note, when you back up your stuff take you time and go through your computer folder by folder.

Even then I usually discover to late that I have forgotten something.
Remember to export your address books from your e-mail, and copy your favorites folder.

If you play games copy your save files, get all your music, and photos and if like me you have a lot of installation files for software you have downloaded be sure to copy all of them.

I have a folder names My Software Disk in which I save all my downloaded software.
I copy this folder occasionally to DVD to make sure I have all the stuff I have downloaded.

Good Luck


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Hello mike,Elmer..How can i thank you to all of you with ur kindness for helping a noob like me.Thank you very much! I am happy with you guys efforts.
Well,here i got a good & miracle news,I just dont know how did i do it but the moron just dissapeared when i run MBAM & SASPYWARE 3rd time at the same time my lappy restart while i choosing to removing it after the scan that asked me to reboot my lappy,Then while i log it on into a safe mode & again do a scan,From there i see that sh*tware has no longer exist,I do a test to install NOD32 and it was SUCCESS!
Then i tried to UNINSTALL it and install it again in normal mode,It was successfully done,Again try to UNINSTALLING in normal mode & install AVG.It was a charm!It worked now.


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That's a relief...

I set AVG to run every morning at 7:00 am, when I get up I turn on my computer and go have my coffee. By the time I'm ready to use my computer it has updated and run a complete scan.

Run CCleaner every day, and run SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes at least 2 or 3 times a week and don't forget that you have to update the free versions of these programs manually.

I've done this for years and never had one of these bad viruses.

Note that there are Cookies that you want to have on your computer.
Like the one for this web site, your bank, game forums etc.

So look in Options in CCleaner and you will see that there is a place to move cookies that you want to have to the keep side.

All the others will be deleted every time you run CCleaner.

So after you have browsed you favorite sites go and move the cookies for them to the keep side before you run CCleaner.

You will soon have all your regular ones and can skip this step.
Good luck again!


Oh: And don't forget to get an external hard drive and make a full backup of your computer so that you don't have to go through this again.

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