Unix/Windows can't boot (perpetual OS boot)


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Hi guys, I need some help. My laptop currently can’t boot any system. I will describe the order of actions which provoked the problem:

1. Win 10 installation

2. Drivers installation with Lenovo support web site

3. It was necessary to completely format the disk (ssd), there was only a USB flash drive with Linux Kali. In the installer, I’ve step with the editing of disk partitions. I’ve formatted disk and interrupted the installation.

4. Little time has passed, I’ve formated the drive using Windows installer and installed Win10. After intallation and reboot, there is a perpetual OS boot.

How I tried to solve the issue:

1. Fix boot sector from the command line: bootrec / fixmbr / fixboot

2. All types of recovery from the recovery menu via a bootable USB flash drive win10. Format the disk before installing win 10.

3. diskpart select disk 0 clean ł convert gpt

4. Unix systems also do not start, ubuntu is not even established. I’ve also performed testing of the disk and memory, which I found on the Unix boot flash, the results are:

1. Memory test - ok

2. The test drive - ACPI errors / exceptions.

5. Fix disk problems - chgdsk \ f

P.S.: unix LiveCD also does not start..


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The most likely answer is that your system is configured differently then the partitioning scheme in use. If these differ then your system won't properly detect a bootable system.

  • Make sure your install media is setup as UEFI (if it's a usb you can use rufus)
  • Make sure your system is setup to boot UEFI and not Legacy|CSM|Hybrid
  • Load the Windows install media
  • Choose the advanced/custom install option and remove all the partitions
  • Continue with the install