USB disabled when a sleep

My USB keyboard or mouse can not bring my computer back from sleep. I have seen this question posted before but with no definite answer. I played around with the power mangment bios settings no fix yet. Any ideas? Every time the desktop goes to sleep to get the mouse to work or keyboard i need to disconnect them and plug them back in.

Thank you..


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Take a look at the attached screen shot and see if that helps


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I think perhaps the tip will do the opposite from what you are querying?

In the device manger, do the same, but under the item "Mouse and pointing devices"
Right click and then right click the devices you see there, one by one.( The mouse might say something like "Hid -compliant" - select properties - select the power management tab then tick the box "Allow the device..etc.

hmmm still nothing. I changed out my keyboard with an old non-usb keyboard PS 2 or what ever its called and that will bring it back to life so its definetly something with the usb. btw this is on windows 7 home premium

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