Windows 7 USB Keyboard, Working Prior to Load?


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Jan 12, 2009
Anyone having an issue with USB keyboards prior to Windows 7 loaded? I have Windows 7 in a separate partition so when the computer boots Windows 7 asks if I want to start Windows 7 or an older version on windows. It gives me 30 seconds to choose, but the USB keyboard (Logitech G15) wont work until Windows 7 is fully loaded (the lights aren't on).

I hooked up a ps2 keyboard and that works for me. Anyone have an idea of something I can change or it is just something the beta has a problem with? The keyboard works fine under XP prior to loading.

I'm using a Logitech Illuminated keyboard and I have this issue as well. However, my keyboard stops responding as soon as the BIOS clears ( as in I can't click for "Boot by DVD"), so I assumed it was something other than the beta.

I guess if you've got the same issue though, then its the beta.
Yea, I just used a PS/2 keyboard
Ok, I got it

De Dee De! Well, I never have enabled USB keyboard and mouse in the BIOS before, but for some reason with Windows 7 on the disk I have to now. So I did and it works fine.

So enable USB keyboard and mouse in your BIOS. Usually under a menu similar to "integrated perpetuals".

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