Username typo, we are stuck in a loop

Hi when we where setting up the windows 8 . we accidently typed in a wrong email address actually it is two letters the wrong way round, no matter what we do it feeds this to registration system. We didn't notice at first and created a new outlook account. It then said we will send an email to existing account to confirm it is you and the usual message, of course the account doesn't exist or is not ours so we don't receive the email. I have tried changing the account we created in the control panel which was not easy to find, then realised it has created a windows credential that we cannot edit. So we are stuck in a loop of not being able to change anything. Not even sure we can delete the user which has administrative rights. All this for jp rather than pj when entering our details. Any advice is welcome.

THanks in advance



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I had to think a while to try and work out a way of getting round this little boob. I assume you don't want to re-install or that the system arrived with windows already installed so you could try this.
Place the cursor over to the bottom right of the screen so the 'Charms' appear and then click the cog wheel or settings charm. On the bottom of the revealed section click 'Change pc settings'.
Look down the left hand side for 'Users' and click that. Hopefully on the next screen, near the top, you'll see 'switch to a local account'. Try doing that and then removing the original account via the control panel, User accounts, and then add and remove user accounts.
If it works then you might have to follow the first process again but this time switch to a microsoft account making sure the details are correctly filled in.
Post back if this doesn't work and we'll try something different.

Thanks for the reply, yep found the way of changing local account, will try to delete the local account and start again.


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You don't need to delete the local account. Once you change it to that, just go through the same process again to add your Microsoft account credentials to convert it back. Just make sure they're correct this time.:)

hi tried that a few times , it's still got the miss spelt email address also physically removed the windows credential file after trying to edit it. but still same little flag need to resolve login details. but the machine works. Dont know how important it is?


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It's pretty important to have your windows installation syncing properly with your account. You'll probably lose some functionality too.
You could of course back up your files and reset the installation back to factory settings;


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