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Windows 8 Video not smooth, choppy


Senior Member
Nov 17, 2012
Recently I noticed(I don`t know for how long it was already there but not since I got the PC) that all kinds of video/graphics go not smooth at times.
I noticed it in a.o. youtube, vlc and videogames. Since this happened in more than one program I think it is something general.
Btw. with not smooth I mean; it is choppy at times, like it freezes and than skips or speeds a bit, it happens mostly when there changes much in the screen, for example dialogue in films goes right most of the time but a zoom shot or moving camera goes choppy.
My system is quite new and it`s a MP Elite I5 with Intel Core i5 3330, 6 GB, Intel HD Graphics 2500.
I don`t know why this happened or what people who have a clue need to solve this but please let me know it is way more irritating than it sounds like...
Have you checked if hardware acceleration is enabled? This would also include your browser settings as well, since you mentioned YouTube videos. Also check the adobe flash player settings as well. That’s all I can help you with. Hopefully this will resolve some of those issues.
Might be a strange question; but can you elaborate your suggestions?
I.e. what do you mean by check the settings; what is good? Or bad? And more important how to do it?

check to make sure you have the latest drivers:

Link Removed

You could also try using Ccleaner to give it a thorough clean:

Link Removed

Check through your graphics options and see if you can make any changes. You could also check the bios and see if you can swop more system memory over for graphics. Sometimes with onboard gpu's you can do this.

Lastly check for malware:

Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download

One of the best search and destroy apps out there..
Ccleaner is already installed and I did run it after I noticed it and didn`t solve it, I use Slimdrivers to keep my drivers up to date and the program doesn`t detect new drivers, what I could find in the intel graphic options didn`t offer much hope.. changed something in the 3d section from custom to performance, further it is all about hotkeys and contrast etc. nothing about quality as well as no mention of the bios...
Malwarebytes is runnning full scan so may take a while..
Btw. which graphics options did you mean?

Also install Defraggler from the same people as CCleaner and run it.
I've found that keeping my hard drives defragmented helps a lot with video and games.

The nice thing about defraggler is that it will defrag just the fragmented files and do it in a few minutes.

I run it on all my drives ever day.

Make sure you have the latest drivers for you graphics processor.
Go to the Intel web site and look to see if the one you have is really the latest.

If you want to see real improvement add a Video Card.
On board graphics aren't really designed to run high fps games.

Something like this...

Amazon.com: EVGA GeForce GTX 660 SUPERCLOCKED 2048MB GDDR5 DVI HDMI DP Graphics Card 02G-P4-2662-KR: Computers & Accessories

As Mike quite rightly say's your graphic solution isn't the fastest out there but it should at least play video's to a decent quality. Games wise your only going to get away with lower end titles.
If you didn't see anything in the bios or graphic options that might help the situation then chances are those options are just not present.

Here's some info on your GPU including tests on recent games:

Intel HD Graphics 2500 - NotebookCheck.net Tech

I would definitely consider updating the graphics driver to a later version if possible as this can sometimes lead to better performance. (I know you've got a driver app but it's still worth checking as they don't always get the latest versions)

This web page has a link for the intel utility:

Link Removed