W10 - Should I or should I not... That is the question...

Someone please give me some GOOD reasons why I should update to Windows 10 (other than support for other versions are to be dropped soon.)


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Why don't you try it? If you don't like it simply roll back to your old os. You have 31 days to make your mind up, after that your stuck with Windows 10.
Windows 10

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If I had an older PC that was running fine I wouldn't bother. There are driver and software problems on older units.


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More features, better security, Windows 10 runs faster even on old hardware, it's a free upgrade.


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You don't say what you are running now but it it's Windows 8 then for me, Windows 10 is a big improvement.
I don't run any aftermarket apps to change the interface as I did in Windows 8.

It takes a while to get used to, there are still things that I can't find where I expect them, but it does run faster, I've only had one blue screen and I've been running it for well over a year.

The only driver issue I had was for my Sound Blaster card, and that still doesn't work right, but I switched to my on board sound and that works fine, (I had the same problem in Windows 8.1).

If you liked Windows 7 you will probably like this, it feels a lot more like 7 then 8.

But the main reason is that this is the way it's going to be from now on so we might as well get used to it.

I'm 77 so I'm not going to be around for ever but since you are only 59 you have a lot of new computers ahead of you.

You will have to switch sooner or later anyway.


Thanks all! Actually, I installed W10 from a iso, from my daughter, a few weeks ago. I am on limited data, so I am very aware of where and how my data is used. To make a long story short, there were a lot of data used in the background (even when I went through and turned off all the apps that I thought was a culprit). Is there a way to turn the background data usage off and turn on when needed (as in updates)?

I couldn't afford the 3-4 gb dl, hence the iso. After install, I still used about ton of data so I panicked (lol) and downgraded back to W8.1
Any suggestions are welcome. I am a creature of habit, or scary cat of change... My pc of choice is this XP model. :)


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If this is a wireless connection you can enable metered connection which should help restrict data usage. If you have Wireless you would enable this by...
  • Press Windows key + i
  • Click on "Network and Internet"
  • Click on the Wireless tab
  • Scroll down past the list of networks and click "Advanced Options"
  • Turn on "Set as metered connection"
The other option for a desktop is to purchase a program such as Net Limiter 4 it's $19 for the cheaper version and $29 for the pro and you can limit data across the board or by connection or DNS name.

I have to ask....are you using your cellular data for your pc/laptop internet? There is honestly no reason to use an iso for Win10 as you could be using an iso that is from an old unsupported version of the OS. Depending on your area, you should have some Wifi available that you could connect to.
Now onto your question of should you or should you not upgrade to Win 10. From Windows 8......absolutely!! Win8 is essentially a retread of Vista and ME. All garbage.
Windows 10 has far better performance and requires far less resouces. Yes.....you'll have a need to download 3-4 GB but the differences are far worth it. 2-3 minute boot time for Win 8 versus 30-45 seconds for Win 10. But.....if you like 8, then stick with 8. It's all a matter of personal choice.

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