Windows 7 What drivers for Geforce 5200?


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Installed build 7048 on a couple-year-old 3GHz laptop. Went fine. Except it thinks my display adapter is a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter instead of the nvidia Geforce FX 5200 that's in there.

I dan't find much information on getting this to work with the 5200, and YES, I've already downloaded version 96.85 of the nvidia drivers. They won't install. At install time it says it can't locate any drivers compatible with my current hardware.

What do I have to do to get Windows 7 to work with this hardware?
Is this the wrong forum? A question that's been answered a dozen times? Or what? 'Cause as it stands, the installation is pretty useless. If Windows 7 isn't going to properly support this video card I need to get The installation off the laptop and just stay with XP forever...