What happens if I have 2 video drivers installed ?


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I have a Nvidia GeForce 210 graphics card, and firstly, I installed only its driver, and I noticed I had no 'sleep' option. The 'hibernate' option was present instead...
Than I installed the on-board card's driver and the 'hibernate' button switched to 'sleep'. And now I have both drivers installed.

Does this affect my performance by any chance ? I want my computer to be in top shape !

If you can't notice a difference or problem in performance, don't worry about whether some test might show some numerical difference. I don't know the answer for sure, but it seems that two drivers would either fight each other, in which case you would see a problem, or it is sorted out by the OS (one will get priority), in which case you would probably never notice. In general, it's probably not a good idea to purposely install competing drivers, especially over something like sleep vs. hibernation. Since you're talking about a card, I assume that this is a desktop. Many people disable sleep and hibernation on desktops because it is very problem prone, there is no battery life to preserve, and it does nothing to save the planet.


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You may have two drivers installed but if I understand you correctly they are for two separate devices - the onboard device and the nVidia card. They will not create any conflict - just comes down to which one you plug into. The unused device is not going to consume any significant resources or create any noticeable difference in performance.


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There is a kind of controversy between at least NVIDIA and Windows. I have a NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti card and, to be honest, I've never really found out who actually controls my screen etc. I can access controls via Windows, but also through NVIDIA Control Panel. I use NVIDIA.

Like Fixer and patcooke write, if there should be a collision, you would notice it. Main thing would be, if you use controls, use the same one, and through the same command way as earlier.

To look for your computer's performance, use test programs, the basic being http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/...ex#What-is-windows-experience-index=windows-7

But if everything rolls fine, just drive on! :up:

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